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Ponytails for weddings

When choosing the look for a wedding, the hairstyle is a key decision, so that there is harmony in the makeup and outfit.

Ponytails are a hairstyle with which you will always succeed, for its simplicity and elegance. In addition, combined with accessories such as scrunchies or clips you will be the perfect guest.

What types of ponytails are the best to wear to a wedding? We show you the hairstyle that will be the right choice for you as a guest.

wedding guests

Today at Lavani we are going to discover different ponytail hairstyle ideas that will enhance your guest look for such a special event as a wedding. 

Read on to find out which ponytail hairstyles you can wear to weddings!

1. Low ponytail

The low ponytail is a very comfortable option that allows a lot of variations that will make your look very different. It is also perfect if you are looking to give more prominence to your wardrobe or your jewelry. With this type of low ponytail, a pair of climbing earrings like the Irina or larger ones like the Adara pearl earrings will be perfect!

Volume ponytail

If you want a voluminous hairstyle that shows off your waves and gives a more casual touch, you can achieve this with a curling iron and then tie the hair back with a scrunchie. Another way to give it movement is to add volume at the roots and leave some of the hair loose.

low volume ponytail

Straight and smooth ponytail

With this type of low ponytail you will transmit elegance and sophistication, besides giving that clean look that is a trend nowadays.

With your hair straight, you can choose to wear it parted in the middle or on the side and combine it in many ways. And with accessories like the, you can give a different and more personal style to your look.

Don't worry if your hair is straight or curly, as we can see this type of hairstyle can be adapted to every hair!

scrunchie and low ponytail collage

2. High ponytail

If you have long, straight hair, you'll want to show it off at the wedding, so a high ponytail is the best option for a stylish guest look. It's one of the simplest and most flattering hairstyles, but don't forget to wear it well polished to get the effect we're looking for!

In addition, with this ponytail you can highlight wearing accessories such as earrings or necklace, leaving your face completely uncovered. The earrings that best suit this type of hairstyle are long earrings like the Nirelle or Dafne; and also shiny earrings like the Bella.

3. Bubble ponytail

This type of ponytail creates a bubble effect along the entire length of the ponytail, separating it with rubber bands or scrunchies. So if you have long hair, you will get a better result for an alternative look to the classic ponytail. It will also add volume if you have very straight and straight hair.

bubble pigtail

With this type of ponytail combined with the , you will get a very different look and will undoubtedly surprise all the guests.

4. Braided ponytail

This last hairstyle is a variant that is combined with a braid and gives a more special touch. There are a wide range of options depending on the braid you choose and the outfit you have selected for the wedding. From a ponytail with a herringbone braid starting from the top to a high ponytail connected with another braid.

low braid ponytail

We hope all these ponytail options have helped you decide on the final look for your wedding.

But if you finally decide to wear another type of hairstyle, at LAVANI we show you which earrings to wear depending on the hairstyle, so stop by and find out which one would suit you best!


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