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Handcrafted jewelry: what is handcrafted jewelry?

One of the most debated topics in recent years in the world of jewelry has been the issue of environmental care and craftsmanship as a form of sustainability.

Find out more about handcrafted jewelry and what handcrafted jewelry is.

As the years have passed in the last decade, this topic has been gaining more and more ground in all areas, and in the jewelry industry it was not going to be less, as consumers are increasingly aware of the design, working conditions and the impact on the environment of this sector. So today we come to talk to you about handmade jewelry. What is it really?


Handmade jewelry is a topic of great controversy in the industry, as it involves high costs due to production systems located in developed countries (where production is usually more ethical) making jewelry more expensive. That is why many firms completely discard the change to handmade jewelry design, although this is not our case . LAVANI bets on handmade jewelry with our handmade jewelry designs.

Zoom of gold plated handmade jewelry earrings


Handcrafted jewelry: What is handcrafted jewelry and what about sustainable jewelry?

To understand the concept of handcrafted jewelry , we must also take into account the concept of sustainability.

Artisanal and sustainable jewelry is any jewelry that uses materials extracted without the use of highly polluting chemicals, as well as free of human suffering, such as child labor practices, non-dignified wages, gender inequality or low security mines.

Another of the biggest problems of jewelry is the great pollution it produces in the process of extraction, production and shipment to the destination country, being one of the most polluting sectors of all. For this reason, artisanal and sustainable jewelry is considered to be all those artisanal jewelry companies that create and produce their own jewelry, avoiding water and air pollution, damage to fauna and flora, land modification and labor exploitation.

Handcrafted jewelry design by LAVANI Jewels


Sustainability and handcrafted jewelry always go hand in hand, as this type of jewelry refers to all the processes of elaboration of handcrafted jewelry of great quality and care, leaving aside the more industrial jewelry or mass production. This type of production consists in elaborating unique handcrafted jewelry designs created by firms such as LAVANI.

In addition, it is quite common for this type of handmade jewelry to use materials such as gold, silver, natural stones or gold-plated silver to create handmade jewelry. In this way, it leaves aside materials that can damage our skin, such as nickel.

Also, it is super important to remember that the materials used in handcrafted jewelry can always be re-melted and reused, so their environmental impact can be almost zero.

Handmade jewelry technique by lavani jewels


2. Handmade jewelry: techniques and history

To create a handmade and totally handcrafted jewelry you have to follow a long and costly process. Below, we tell you about the techniques we use and the process we follow when producing our handmade jewelry.

  1. It all starts with the creative part in which Cristina, our creative director, together with the design team, reflect their ideas in a sketch.
  2. After the first step, the digitalization of the handmade jewelry begins : In the studio we create a 3D model and adjust the design with its different proportions and volumes.
  3. The mold: We then 3D printed the piece and used it as a base to create the mold for all the handmade jewelry made with molten wax.
  4. We take care of reviewing and sculpting by hand all the details that we consider necessary.
  5. Once we have the final mold... let's produce!



3. The design of handcrafted jewelry: Auria collection with the firm Apreels.

From LAVANI, as a reference store of handmade jewelry design, we want to present a new collection of handmade jewelry created with Apreels.

This year we have chosen the firm Apreels because their journey and craftsmanship seems to us the perfect match with whom to create a collection of handmade jewelry, the collection called Auria. This consists of exclusive designs with natural stones and lots of texture on its surface, a characteristic element of handmade jewelry design.

In addition, it is a , a collection of handcrafted jewelry design with an organic style, jewelry with a lot of movement and unique creations. The new golden textures and meticulous finishes are a sign of the delicacy and quality of handmade jewelry.

Discover this , inspired by the ceaseless flow of life, in our online store.

Handmade earrings online handmade jewelry store LAVANI


4. online: your handmade jewelry store

In LAVANI we have clear ideas, although handmade jewelry is more fashionable than ever... you have to be careful! Not all handmade jewelry stores are and that's why we must be careful when buying handmade jewelry.

In our handmade jewelry store you can find plenty of sustainable and trendy accessories, such as handmade earrings online, golden rings, intertwined earrings, long earrings, chokers with stone beads and many more pieces that will make you discover a new world.

For example, the earrings online from the collection "Auria" as the Sadie Coin earrings are different and special earrings, with which to be part of this revolution of handmade jewelry. These and many others are part of this collection of handmade earrings online, which you can have at home at a click in 24-48h.


Taking care of the environment and being eco-friendly is not an option for us, it is our duty! We always want to transmit total transparency and confidence about our production processes and, in LAVANI, all designs are unique and have been created and designed from 0 with all our work and effort, always following the researches of handmade jewelry. We work every day to try to become a carbon neutral company and improve our sustainability.

We love that you value our products and that, you appreciate our work so much, as our jewelry is specially created for our #LAVANIGirls and that you can enjoy them as much as possible, knowing that you will always wear total quality artisan jewelry and handmade jewelry. It's time for you to discover the Auria collection!!


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