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Accessories, jewelry and earrings for a red dress

Red is one of the most special colors when it comes to dressing. At Lavani we are very clear that no other color is like it, but we also know that it is often a risky color, with which we do not dare to innovate because we are afraid to draw too much attention or stand out extra. But with the right accessories for a red dress, we can wear the most successful look for every occasion.

Discover the jewelry for a red dress you were looking for: the perfect earrings for a red dress!

Exactly, we have to help you know how to combine this color to perfection and dare to wear it at work, having brunch, going to the event of the year or at your best friend's ceremony.

Hoop earrings with colored stones for a short red dress

Let's get started! Discover in this post how to combine a red style, what are the best accessories for red guest looks and even how to combine green and red to get a look of 10 as a guest or for more casual occasions.

Golden flower earrings Sevilla for red dress

1. Earrings for a red dress

We could say that it is almost mandatory to have a red skater style dress in our closet. The garment that will save you from any unforeseen event in which you have to be dressed up, but for which you had nothing prepared. Of course, give it a different touch each time with the right earrings for each red dress.

Red earrings for a red dress

If you're looking for a color block, we have the perfect match of red for a red dress that you'll love.

Red earrings for red dress by LAVANI

red or red and gold earrings

Discover this model of long red earrings perfect for events. A model of red and gold earrings with which you will not go unnoticed. The best thing about these long red earrings? They are a design of red and gold earrings super light and comfortable!

for a red dress

If you have a unique and unrepeatable event, and you feel like wearing something sweet for the occasion, but you don't want to lose that seductive touch that defines you so well, we propose the model you can see below. This red dress together with our Sevilla or Superstar gold earrings and a comfortable up-do, will enhance your face and bring out all the shine in you. The other accessories we leave to your choice, but without a doubt a clutch and a pair of stilettos we know that never fail.

Red midi dress with gold earrings by LAVANI

There is no simpler way to choose earrings for a red dress than by opting for completely golden jewelry. It's simple, they will be a match every time. The size and style of your earrings for the red dress you choose will depend on your style and the occasion, here are some ideas below!

for a red dress

We know, you want to give a special touch to your red look, it's time to introduce stones. But we must be very careful: red does not go with all colors and taking too many risks can sometimes go wrong. If we are not sure, we can always opt for earrings for your red dress with white stones.

Earrings with white stones for red dress with side slit

It is a way to introduce another tone and that more distinctive brightness you were looking for, without overloading it too much. You can find many styles of earrings with white stone for red dresses: hoops, big earrings.... We leave you our favorite options below!

for a red dress

Surprised? Yes! There are many colors that can be combined with red and green is one of our favorites. It may sound a bit extreme or too contrasting, but trust us, it looks great. Especially if what you are looking for is to be the center of attention with a groundbreaking look for a special occasion.

Multicolor earrings with red dress with back neckline

At LAVANI we already have some favorites among the earrings for a red dress in green, although the Portobello model with many colors also seems to us a 10 option to get it right. Discover them here below! 

Golden chain necklaces for red dresses


2. Necklaces for a red dress

In choosing the best necklaces for a red dress, there are many variables that can affect. First of all, the shape. For this we recommend you to visit our post necklaces according to your neckline type. In this case, we are going to focus on talking about color combinations.

Necklace for a red dress in gold

The easiest way to combine a red dress with necklaces is to choose completely golden necklaces. And for that, we have the ideal collection: l'Essentiel. A collection of necklaces for red dresses completely golden made up of links of many different types. So, you can choose the type of chain that best suits you according to the look you are going to wear. We have them from more special like the Navy model, to more casual like the Slabon model. You are sure to find the perfect necklace for your red dress!

Necklace for a red dress with stones

When thinking of a necklace for a red dress with stones, the first thing that comes to mind are necklaces with rhinestones or pearls. For example, our Lombok looks great with a red dress if you want to give it a more classic and elegant touch. In this case, go for some white kitten heels and you will be the Marilyn Monroe of the moment. And if pearls aren't your thing...go for the Piedraluna! It will give you that touch of sparkle you're looking for without being too classic or obsolete.


Necklace for a colorful red dress

You want to give an extra touch of color to your red dress with a necklace? Simple: go for green. It is a color that contrasts perfectly with the red and you can also choose how intensely you want to wear it.

Green necklace with red dress by LAVANI Jewels

If you are looking for something more striking and special, we recommend necklaces with malachite or onyx for your red dress. An intense green stone that will complete your red look. If you are looking for a necklace for your red dress with a more subtle green, you can find it in models like the Fez, with zirconia in a much softer shade of green that will give it the touch without attracting so much attention.

Red floral dress with LAVANI jewelry


3. Discover the perfect jewelry for your red dress

For a red dress, we can not only opt for earrings and necklaces, but we can also complement it with other jewelry. A ceremony is the best time to opt for a red dress and gradually get used to wearing this color. The occasion deserves it, so we will not look exaggerated or stand out too much, but be sure that this dress will be the center of many eyes, so .... follow our advice!

If your dress is not very ornate and also your idea is to wear an updo with rather simple earrings, we are going to recommend the jewelry for your red dress that will give it that distinctive touch: choose to complement the accessories for your red dress with . The two ideal jewels for your red dress would be the Portobello bracelet if you are bold and fearless or the white Ios bracelet if you are more discreet.

Colorful bracelet for deep red dress


Don't know what jewelry to wear with your everyday red dress?

If you think that adding color to your daily outfits makes the workday more enjoyable, you're right! Getting up, looking nice and going to work is a process that activates us and keeps us awake; besides, if we look nice, we will increase our self-esteem.

Therefore, we can and should add red in our daily life. And the best way to do it is by combining red with prints: it will not attract so much attention, but we will give it a distinguished touch. Flowers are in fashion, and very much so. Undoubtedly, we would accompany this option with our Moonlight rings. Wear this with high boots in winter and sandals in summer, and you will have a completely renewed look for every occasion.

White and gray rings for red dress

4. Guest look for a red dress

With all the selection we have shown you, we are sure you already have more than clear your guest look with a red dress, but don't worry, we have even more ideas!

for wedding in your look with red dress

For a guest look with a red dress, we love the option of choosing red wedding earrings. In our case, we would choose the ika redfor wedding, a perfect design for your look with red dress, we leave them here below!

Red earrings for red wedding guest look by LAVANI

Combine red dress with jacket

One of the big questions we have with our guest looks is how to combine a red dress with a jacket. We have seen from combinations with black and dark jackets to combine a red dress with a white jacket with style. Everything will depend on the accessories you wear and your personal style, but we do recommend that, to combine a red dress with a jacket for your red guest look, choose white tones for day weddings and black or dark tones for evening weddings.


5. Green accessories for a red dress

If you are looking for green accessories for your red dress, we leave you here below our selection of green accessories for red dress: green earrings for red dress, green rings for red dress and green bracelet for red dress.

Green dress with red accessories

On the other hand, if you are looking for red accessories for your green dress, we recommend any of the options of big red earrings, long red earrings or red and gold earrings that we have recommended above.


After this super guide on what jewelry to wear with your red dress and the many combinations there are, there are no more excuses. This year, it's your turn to wear a red dress on every occasion you can think of and have fun choosing the perfect accessories. We are ready to help you, so don't hesitate to tag us in your looks on Instagram! @lavani.jewels

And if you were left wanting more... visit our ideal collection of gold bracelets and necklaces for a red dress:



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