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The perfect winter wedding guest look

If there's one thing we know at LAVANI, it's that in a world of so many where sometimes the pace of operation is eclipsed by trends, differentiating yourself and expressing the so-called "essence" of yourself is not always an easy task. That's why we're here to help you with your winter guest look.

Discover the perfect winter wedding guest look that best reflects you. 

Influencers winter wedding guests with wedding looks

Just as we always try to be true to who we are in everything we do, today we want to show you the 5 guest looks for winter weddings with which you can combine style and essence. Your essence. The one that defines you and speaks of who you are and how you see the world. All together, to become the perfect guest.

Find out what style you belong to and the winter wedding guest look that will be a knockout!

1. Go for Boho to be the most daring guest at a winter wedding.

If you are one of those who are defined by this style, you are one of the brave ones, my friend! Comfort, joy and good energy are some of the keys that define you. While some may think that this style might be too casual for a wedding, we will not confess that we know that the secret is in how to combine it with the accessories (ups).

Alternatives such as this type of midi dresses, colorful and vaporous can become our best allies in these cases. Options that, combined with the right earrings and heels become the perfect outfit to go as a guest to one of our winter weddings.

In our opinion our famous long star and moon The justice" earrings or the "Meduse" earrings would be the best option to wear with a dress of this type because, no doubt, would go to the beat of that casual and fun air that covers the Boho style.

Winter wedding guest in a floral print boho dress with The Justice and Meduse earrings.

2. Trendy style to be trendy with your guest look.

Knowing how to be ahead of the trendy styles is what characterizes all the people who belong to this segment. Knowing how the fashion world works and being fully aware that, most of the time, only by taking risks can you win. New combinations of fabrics, colors and shapes is exactly what moves them and characterizes them.

But be careful, you have to be quick! As we said before, the world is in constant change of fashions and trends and being able to adapt is not always an easy task. Influencers and fashion profiles like Marta Lozano, Rocío Osorno or Jessica Goicoechea can be our best source of inspiration to find that perfect look for our winter wedding .

In these cases, it is not always easy to find earrings that are at the height of modernity that ooze this type of sets. However, in LAVANI we can find earrings such as the hoop earrings "Manhattan multicolor or the Persia" earrings whose bold shapes and textures leave no one indifferent.

Maria Fernandez Rubies as a trendy winter wedding guest in a green and blue dress with Manhattan earrings and Persia earrings.

3. Vintage style vindicator with an ideal wedding guest look.

As some say: old is always better. This is what those who adopt this characteristic style try to demonstrate. Showing the value of the garments of yesteryear that stand out for their better quality, as well as the history that accompanies them, seems to be their main objective.

Garments with references to the past characterized by being long, with puffed sleeves and floral linings can be theideal look to be our best reflection in that winter wedding to which we are invited. Some nice shoes and handbag to combine them with and that's it!

Respecting the antique, the ideal for these cases would be earrings with traditional shapes, elegant and with an exceptional style of their own. Earrings like the "Paramount green" or the "Barcelona accompanied by our Chevalier" ring would be some of our vintage pieces with which you could complement your guest look and that would be a sure hit.

María García de Jaime wearing a vintage floral dress with Manhattan and Barcelona earrings, as well as a Chevalier ring to be the perfect guest at a winter wedding.

María Fernandez Rubíes with a vintage floral dress and Metropolis aqua and purple earrings.

4. Guest at a classic, elegant and sophisticated winter wedding.

Far from being the same as vintage, the classic style bets on being sophistication and romanticism in person. Demonstrating that the hats and suits of yesteryear are not old-fashioned bets in today's society and that there are styles that will remain forever.

Pure elegance framed in the frame of balanced figures through shapes, neutral and harmonious shades such as black, white, gray or beige, few prints and high quality garments.

Some enigmatic examples of this style that can serve as inspiration to choose our look for a winter wedding would be the famous influencers Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo or María García de Jaime who, on numerous occasions have shown us how they know how to wear this style perfectly and are faithful followers of it.

In this case, classic, with teardrop shape and square settings would be the paradigmatic example of sophisticated and elegant accessories to accompany this type of garments. If it were us, we would not hesitate even for a second to accompany them with beautiful pieces such as the Chiara" earrings or the "René blue" earringsas well as the ring "Rivoli"

Teresa Andrés Gozalvo and Marta Lozano as guests at a winter wedding with classic style and Chiaria earrings and Rivoli ring.

Perfect winter wedding guest in classic style with blue René earrings

5. Natural style and perfect to sweep as a guest at that winter wedding.

Last but not least, if you are one of those who like to define yourself with a more casual, soft and less overloaded style, the natural style is yours! Simple garments are brought to life by accessories that enhance the look and define the style.

Monochromatic dresses and suits that become the safe bet to be the perfect guest. The simplicity of these garments allows for greater ease when dressing, since a nice pair of Palazzo pants with a simple top with which to feel comfortable, is a safe bet with which to be comfortable while ideal.

To finish, a nice bag with contrasting colors and sophisticated earrings such as the "Portobello or the pearl earrings "Giselle will become our best ally.

María Pombo in a red satin dress with Portobello earrings and Giselle pearl earrings.

We hope these ideas have helped you to find your perfect winter guest look. If you were left wanting more, you can visit our collection of perfect guest earrings to find more proposals:


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