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Earrings for guest printed looks

Printed guest looks are an evergreen trend that the most daring girls will decide to wear. But... there is no guest look without earrings!

The style guide to combine earrings with printed guest looks.

Earrings are the accessory that will give the personal and distinctive touch to your printed guest look. Therefore, today in LAVANI, we have decided to compile the most used printed looks and help you to combine them with the most beautiful guest earrings, without being overloaded or as a nonsense.

Find out which earrings are best suited for your printed guest look.

1. Flower printed dress with long flower earrings

First, a classic print: a floral print guest look. There are millions of floral print dresses out there, so you won't have any trouble finding one that suits your style for your floral print guest look.

From LAVANI, we recommend you to combine floral guest dresses with these 2 options of earrings:

Yellow floral print dress with long flower earrings


Multicolor earrings for flower print dress


2. Earrings for polka dot dress

We continue, with a timeless print that we love: dresses with polka dots print. Just like the floral print, you can find a wide variety of dresses with polka dots, a polka dot dress is a sure hit!

To choose earrings for polka dot dress, we recommend you to take a risk! Polka dot dresses are a classic bicolor, so you can add a lot of color on your face by wearing colorful earrings or gold for polka dot dress. 

round golden earrings will be the perfect complement! As well as, some coloredlike these fuchsia branch.

 Polka dot print dress with fuchsia earrings


Polka dot print dress with round gold earrings


3. Earrings for animal print dress

We continue with a print not to everyone's liking, the animal print looks. Although we are sure that there are many haters of animal print, we love it especially to break with the dull colors in autumn or winter. An animal print dress has a lot of personality as a guest look, so we recommend that you combine it with fine earrings that bring light to your face.

We show you some golden earrings and fine earrings, to combine a guest dress with animal print.

 Leopard print dress with large earrings


Zebra print dress with hoop earrings


4. Accessories for printed evening dress

A printed evening dress is essential to be able to shine with your guest look. For evening events, we recommend you the glitter or lurex prints in dark tones.

To give a lot of light to the darkness of the night with your printed evening dress, pay attention to these earrings.... earringsmoon earrings with natural zirconia are a knockout and will look great with any patterned evening dress! Although, long golden earrings with zirconia in the shape of moon, sun and star, are not far behind. Both earrings are inspired by the magic of the night, so we think they are perfect to combine with a printed evening guest look.

Blue glitter fabric dress with large moon earrings


Sequin printed dress in green with long earrings for guests


5. Geometric print dress earrings

One of the most trendy prints that we have seen this year are the geometric print dresses. We are sure that many of you are going to decide to go for this super trend for your guest dresses.

As geometric prints can be very overloaded, we recommend that you choose earrings of a medium size and that match in color with your geometric print dress.

We have chosen these looks with geometric print combined with silver, silver branch earrings and handmade golden earrings.

Geometric print dress combined with handcrafted earrings


Silver earrings for geometric print look


6. Tie dye print look with guest earrings

Finally, for the most boho chic girls, we bring you how to combine tie dye guest looks with the most hippie earrings from LAVANI: the Ibiza earrings and most beachy earrings made with mother-of-pearl.

Mother-of-pearl beach earrings for tie dye print short dress


Long tie dye dress with multicolor hoop earrings Ibiza


What do you think of our earrings for printed dresses? Tell us which ones are your favorites and which ones you wouldn't wear! We have to confess, we love all the printed looks, since, for any event occasion we love to bet on these looks.


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