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Guest hairstyle ideas with headband

Weddings are a special occasion that requires an impeccable look, and the hairstyle is a key aspect to achieve it. Have you tried the headband hairstyle trend? It's ideal, and we love how it looks for a wedding guest look.

Do you want to discover our guest hairstyle ideas with headband?

We are sure that you will surprise the rest of the guests while wearing a discreet and sophisticated headdress.


1. Hairstyles with tiara for weddings

Tiaras are an elegant accessory to complete any guest's look, whether for a day or evening wedding.

If for daytime weddings you don't feel comfortable with oversized headpieces or pamelas, and you prefer a simpler style for your look, headband hairstyles for wedding guests are an ideal substitute. We are fans of headbands with stones, colorful, floral or even feathered details for these occasions.

On the other hand, if our wedding is at night, the tiara is one of the few headpieces that we can include in our outfit. For this occasion, we will opt for fine headbands or with rhinestones to give that sophisticated touch that evening weddings require.


2. Headband hairstyles loose hair

A hairstyle with a tiara and loose hair is perfect for daytime weddings, combining the elegance of a tiara with the simplicity and freedom of loose hair.

To achieve this effect we have two main proposals: The first proposal follows a more boho style, and consists of a headband to match the dress and accessories, and a loose hair with waves or curls defined, providing volume and naturalness to your guest look.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more sober or sophisticated style, we recommend straight or wet look loose hair decorated with a rhinestone or natural stone wedding guest headband, such as our Olivenza Multicolor. The effect is super elegant, and you could wear it at evening weddings as well.

Guest headband hairstyle

Undoubtedly, headband hairstyles with loose hair are ideal for wedding guests who want to feel comfortable and natural while looking elegant at the same time. Moreover, this tiara hairstyle for wedding guest can be worn with both short and long hair.


3. Headband updos

There is a great variety of tiara hairstyles for weddings, and they all have something in common, elegance. Tiaras are a versatile accessory that adapts to any style, find the perfect headband for your guest dress among headbands with stones, pearls or flowers to take a risk and highlight your outfit, and headbands with plain or printed ribbons, or minimalist headbands for more natural looks.

Whether it's a low or high updo, a bun or a braid, a headband will always add a sophisticated and original touch to your hairstyle. Want to discover our favorite updos with headbands for guests? Whatever your choice, you're sure to look spectacular at your wedding with a tiara updo.

updos with tiara

Tiara chignon updo for weddings

Do you dare to combine the elegance of a classic chignon with a daring touch thanks to the headband? This is one of our favorite updos with headband for guests!

In this case, the headband acts as a complement that subtracts sobriety to the hairstyle, and adds that spark of originality to the look.

In addition, the bun allows the hair to be out of the face, allowing guests to focus on the guest's face and smile. This tiara guest hairstyle is perfect for outdoor weddings or for weddings with a bohemian or dreamy theme. Go for something different at your next wedding with a tiara bun updo!

Headband updos

Tiara and braids updo for guests

Going into the boho chic style we find the braids, of all kinds, basic, herringbone, French, waterfall, Greek...

For an updo with a headband and long hair, the herringbone braid or French braid is perfect to be the center of attention and to be able to dance comfortably throughout the party, without your hair getting in the way or frizzy.

On the other hand, if you have short hair, you can create small braids and join them in a low updo, showing off a super elegant version of the typical guest headband updo with braids.

Headband updo

Updo with headband and low ponytail

High ponytail or low ponytail? Depending on the degree of formality we will opt for one or the other, but we will always add the headband as a finishing touch to our guest look.

The updo with headband and low ponytail is a safe bet, both day and night, it is an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle that fits with any dress. If it is a daytime wedding, fabric or flower headbands are ideal, while for an evening wedding, a metallic or stone headband is very sophisticated.

On the other hand, if our wedding hairstyle with headband is a high ponytail, it will be better to wear it in daytime or outdoor weddings. This way we can play to give volume and casualness to the look.

Hairstyles with headband for wedding guests

Now that you know all the possibilities hidden in a tiara, will we see you at your next wedding with a tiara hairstyle for a guest? Take a look at our rhinestone for your hairstyles!


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