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How to untangle a knotted necklace chain

We love fine and simple chains and necklaces that give a distinctive and elegant touch to any look, but sometimes they give us problems! Thin gold chains tend to tangle and form knots.


We tell you the ultimate trick to untangle a knotted necklace chain.

We love fine and simple chains and necklaces that give a distinctive and elegant touch to any look, but sometimes they give us problems! Thin gold chains tend to tangle and form knots. Although for some people untangling a chain may seem like an impossible mission, it is easier than it seems. We show you how to untangle a chain quickly and easily. Say goodbye to knotted necklaces!


Every day we see more and more the trend of combining different chains and necklaces, creating a golden look of chains of different lengths is ideal for a wide neckline.

But sometimes wearing several necklaces with thin chain necklaces together without getting tangled with each other is tricky. Knotted necklaces are also formed because we don't keep them properly, putting some pieces together with others.

Untangling chains made easy


When the time comes to untangle a chain... the nightmare begins! Untangling the gold chain that you want to wear that day sometimes becomes a war, a long and painstaking process in which you have to be patient and delicate to avoid breaking the necklace.

Sometimes, out of laziness, we are capable of wearing a tangled necklace rather than learning how to untie a knot, or we even put aside our favorite chains so as not to waste time removing a knot that just won't seem to come loose.

Read on to find out how to untangle a chain and how to prevent necklaces from tangling around your neck. Pay close attention to our tutorial and follow all the steps to get knot-free chain looks. Let's get started!

1. Knot necklace tutorial

  1. The first thing is to prepare a good area to work in. You will need to place the tangled chains on a flat, clear surface, for example, on a clean table.
  2. Place the tangled chains on the table and stretch them so that you can see how many necklaces are attached and how many knots there are.
  3. It is best to start with the chains with the most knots and remove the most difficult part at the beginning.
  4. Open and unbuckle the collars to make it easier and prevent further tangling.
  5. Insert a needle or pin into the knots and move it side to side in circular motions.
  6. When you feel that the needle is working its way through the knots and the knots are starting to loosen, use your fingers.
  7. If you see that the knots are still too tight, you can use lubricants such as oils or baby powder.
  8. When you have the largest and most difficult knots untangled, locate the tip and close the chain. Slowly thread the tip through the remaining holes in the loose knots.
  9. Repeat this process with all the knots so that you have more and more loose chains.
  10. The most important thing is that you always make smooth movements to avoid damaging the chains.

Chain that can be entangled with other necklaces


2. How to prevent necklaces from getting tangled around the neck

In order to prevent our chains from tangling and gathering together, it is essential to keep them tidy.

We recommend you to use a Case, a transportable jewelry box that you can take with you on a trip without any problem because it is small and practical to store it anywhere. This mini jewelry box will allow you to locate and take care of all your chains. Forget about the accumulation of individual boxes or the classic large and uncomfortable jewelry boxes... we present theTravelcase!

It has a design of compartments and slots specially created to place different jewelry such as necklaces, chains, rings or earrings without getting together and tangle with each other, designed to have everything tidy and easy to locate and remove each of the pieces.

In addition, it is made with quality materials and beautiful finishes. The outside is lined with metallic leather and the inside with velvet, a soft fabric to prevent your favorite jewelry from scratching.


3. LAVANI Jewels Chains

And now that you know how to untangle a chain... Cheer up with the goldchain and layering trend!

Discover the collection of gold chains on our website. Combine them and create the best looks! We show you some of our favorite chains:



We hope you liked this blog and now you find it easier to untangle your gold chains. Remember to arm yourself with patience and always follow the most important advice for this type of task: skill is better than strength!


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