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How to take care of Silver

Are you more into silver or gold jewelry? We love all the variety that hides silver jewelry and its curiosities. Do you know how to differentiate a silver jewelry from a silver plated one? Do you have 925 silver jewelry and don't know how to take care of it?

Discover how to care for your silver jewelry

These are simple tips that you can do or avoid in your daily life and that will extend the beauty and life of your silver jewelry.


1. What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Surely you have ever wondered why in most jewelry stores, in their silver jewelry, there is a stamp that says: "Sterling Silver 925". And you wonder what is this 925 Sterling Silver?

We explain it to you! Sterling Silver 925 is the silver usually used in jewelry, and it means that 92.5% of its composition is silver and the remaining 7.5% is another metal used.

And why not use pure silver in jewelry? It is not recommended for jewelry as it is very soft and malleable, and would deform 100% silver jewelry with wear.

How to care for 925 silver

2. What is the value of Silver?

Something very curious about silver is that its value is not fixed, that is, it varies every day depending on the market and is measured in grams (gr) or troy ounces (ozt).

As of today the Silver ounce is at 19.38€, but it is a value that changes almost daily.

How to care for sterling silver 925

3. How to know if it is silver or steel?

It is important for us to know how to distinguish when a piece of jewelry is really silver or, on the contrary, when it is steel or another metal with silver plating.

As you also want to know the quality and veracity of your jewelry, here are some tips to help you distinguish silver from steel:

  1. Silver is less shiny and cooler than silver-plated objects, and if you see that your jewel takes on a greenish tone or leaves green spots on your skin.... run away, that's not silver!
  2. If your jewel passes the ice test, my friend, you are looking at silver: place your jewel on top of an ice cube, if it starts to melt, your jewel is silver.

How to care for 925 silver jewelry

4. How to take care of your silver jewelry?

Let's get to the really important thing now that you know that your jewelry is 925 Silver: you have to take care of the silver so that it will last for many, many years.

Let's get to it!

  1. The most effective trick to keep your silver jewelry from oxidizing is to store it in a cool, airtight place.
  2. Do not store your jewelry for a long period of time in a closed box, as it may darken. In that case, if it is 925 Silver you can clean it and it will be as good as new.
  3. Avoid perfume and make-up on your silver jewelry! As a trick, we wear our jewelry last so as not to apply products on top of it unintentionally.
  4. Don't wear your silver jewelry to spend the day at the beach or pool! Prolonged exposure to sunlight and chlorine can damage your silver jewelry. Try not to sleep or swim with them.
  5. Do not even think of putting toothpaste on your silver jewelry, it is a false myth that can seriously damage your jewelry.
  6. Clean your silver jewelry frequently to keep it shiny and beautiful.

How to care for 925 silver jewelry

In any case, if your 925 silver jewelry is damaged, consult simple and gentle ways to clean it at home or go to the jeweler for advice from a specialist.

Now that you know all about 925 Silver and how to take care of it, discover our .



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