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How to clean white quartz

Are you afraid to clean your white quartz at home in case you damage it? Don't worry, we have some simple steps for you to take care of your white or clear quartz without risk.

Discover how to clean your white and clear quartz in a simple way

From LAVANI we want you to protect your jewelry, and your stones like white quartz, so.... here we go!

1. White quartz stone

White quartz is the most powerful mineral of the range of quartz we can find, formed by silica dioxide and air bubbles, and it is found all over the world, but as the most important sources we find Brazil and China.

This mineral can be found in white or transparent color, depending on the quality and conditions in which it was formed.

White quartz has amazing energetic properties, and protects us from negative energies and bad vibes.

So it is important that we clean and take care of our white quartz

2. White quartz: how and when to clean it

With the passage of time and use, our stones accumulate dust or dirt and it is normal to be afraid to clean our white quartz in case we damage it.

Here are two options for cleaning dirt from your white or clear quartz:

Cleaning white quartz with neutral soap

If you simply want to clean your white quartz of dirt, it will be enough to use a damp cloth with neutral soap and pass it through the quartz.

It is important that it is a neutral soap so as not to damage the white or transparent quartz.

When do we clean it? The best option is toclean your white quartz frequently so that it does not accumulate dirt.

 How to clean white quartz

Cleaning white quartz with chemicals

To clean our white or transparent quartz we can also use specialized chemical products for this type of cleaning.

They can be found in jewelry stores, and it is important to follow the professional's instructions so as not to damage your white quartz.

How to clean white quartz necklace

3. White quartz: how to cleanse it of bad energies

White quartz is a stone that collects and transmits a lot of energy charge, so we have to make sure that this energy is positive and clean our white quartz of negative energy.

Here is our favorite way to clean clear quartz:

Cleaning bad energy from white quartz with salt

  1. Preferably in the evening, fill a glass two fingers high with coarse salt and place your white quartz in the glass.
  2. Add more salt until your white or clear quartz is completely covered.
  3. Leave it all night inside the glass, and place it preferably in a place where it receives moonlight.
  4. The next morning, wash your hands and remove your white quartz from the glass.
  5. Then turn on the faucet with cold water and high pressure, and place the quartz underneath holding it with your hands so that the water cleans the salt from your white quartz.
  6. Place your stone on a glass surface, without any interfering elements such as a plate or tray, and let it air dry without using anything to speed up the drying process.
  7. Let your white quartz dry for 24 hours so that no water remains.
  8. Once dry, it is recommended that you be the first to pick up the white quartz so as not to mix energies, and... Your white quartz is clean and ready to use!

We hope this post has been helpful in protecting and caring for your white quartz!



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