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How to clean your jewelry with Moonstone

At Lavani, we know for a fact that stones are wonderful, because not only do they perfectly adorn our bodies, but they are also capable of receiving, projecting and reflecting our light, and that is why we always use them in the manufacture of our products.

Each jewel and each stone has a special meaning that we love to discover little by little, and, in addition, each jewel also needs special care if we want it to keep shining like the first day.

How do we clean the moonstone to make it look like new?

Today, we show you how to take care of your moonstone jewelry such as the Astrea earrings, the Stardust White ring, the delicate Kyra ring or many others.

The Moonstone, is considered the "stone of new beginnings" because it is closely linked to the Moon and intuition (in ancient times, in Rome, it was believed that the birth of the moonstone was formed by the union of the earth and the lunar rays), it reminds us that life is a constant cycle of change and helps us to calm the emotions.

It is a talisman that allows us to move through our body and recover those emotions and illusions that were forgotten inside us, and also for this reason, we are going to teach you how to clean it and recharge it with positive energy .

Pamper her a lot

It is very important that you treat this stone with care and a LOT of love, because although it is a difficult stone to shape, Moonstone is a very fragile stone, so it can be easily scratched.

Always keep it clean

This step is very simple and you only have to soak it for 5 minutes in warm water and dish detergent. Then, dry it gently with a microfiber cloth. Another even simpler trick is to clean it with warm water and soap, rubbing it gently with your hands or a cloth.

Protect it in summer

Just like our skin, stones suffer from very high temperatures and their consequences (sweat, humidity...), so be sure to remove moonstone jewelry when it is not necessary to wear it to let it breathe.

How do we clean our stone and recharge it with energy?

Incense is always a good choice

Specifically, the smoke of the incense will eliminate all the negative energies that the stone has in order to recharge it again. We recommend cup incense, olibanum or sage, because they are the purest and most effective.

Water for everything

We know that water is necessary, but even for the energy of the stones. In this case if you want to clean its energy, you will have to pass it under a stream of natural water (or, if you do not have one nearby, a stream of tap water).

Plant a Moonstone

This is one of the most effective methods, and you only have to bury your moonstone under the ground so that it forgets all those negative thoughts it has had around it.


At Lavani, we have a lot of jewelry that you can recharge with good energy and that also .... will make you look even more beautiful than ever!


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