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10 care tips for your jewelry with natural stones

It is important that our jewelry is well cared for throughout the year, but now is summer and perhaps the most important time to remember how we should take care of our little treasures.

Besides, as you already know the #LavaniGirls, we love semi precious stones and that's why we try to include them in the design of most of our jewelry, and above all because we know that you also love to wear them. But perhaps many of you find it hard to clean and take care of them, you are lazy and usually you are not used to do it, so your jewelry can end up being damaged. And we want them to last long. We want you to wear them always and on many special occasions. So we are going to help you to keep your jewelry as the first day . Discover our 10 care tips for your jewelry with natural stones.

1. Separated pearls always improve

If we want our semi-precious stones to be preserved as the first day, without any scratches or scratches, we have to separate the different jewels. We can put them in separate spaces or even in different bags, taking into account that these bags will have to be made of paper, silk or velvet (a material that does not damage them, is soft and does not support sudden changes in temperature).

2. I want sunshine...or not

Although we may want to be in the sun for hours, our precious stones do not, because they are more likely to crack due to sudden changes in temperature.

In addition, it is quite likely that colored gemstones will eventually discolor if overexposed to the sun or even melt (they should be exposed for many hours and at high temperatures, but we remind you to keep this in mind).

3. Waxing, polishing wax

Many times, gemstones accumulate dirt from wearing them on a daily basis, so from time to time it is advisable to polish them with a chamois or a soft cloth; any lint-free cloth will do, and we must use it delicately because even with these materials, there is the possibility of scratching our gemstones.


4. Pay attention to semi-precious stones

Every time you are going to put on your jewelry, make sure that the semi-precious stones have not come loose and are still securely fastened. This is a simple and very important step that will not take us any time, and yet it will prevent us from losing the precious stone if it has come loose from our jewelry. In this case, by going to a jeweler we will be able to recover it and continue using it.


5. Learn about gemstones with Lavani

No matter how many recommendations we tell you, there is one thing you must learn: the durability of gemstones. This will make you know how to treat and how to take care of each semi-precious stone at all times.

In addition, in Lavani we have told you about it in our posts about gemstones, with much more important and curious information. But here is a summary.

The durability of gemstones can be measured in 3 ways:

  1. According to its hardness, its resistance to scratches and/or abrasions.
  2. According to its hardness, its resistance to splintering and/or breaking.
  3. According to their stability, resistance to chemicals, heat, light and humidity.

Read on to learn how to care for each of these types.


6. Pamper the stones that are more susceptible to scratching.

The sixth care tip for your jewelry with natural stones is about the first of the three types of stones we have mentioned. The stones most susceptible to scratching are such as Pearls, Moonstone, Labradorite, Chalcedony and more that are usually presented in polished format. It is very important that you keep them separated in different compartments so that they do not scratch each other.

7. Cushion stones that are more susceptible to chipping.

This advice is for the second type of stones. Stones that are presented in a more "pure" and irregular format are the ones that are more prone to chipping. To avoid this, wrap them in a chamois or cloth when storing them if you are going to store them on a hard surface. Jewelry boxes like ours, padded and velvety, are perfect to prevent this type of jewelry from getting damaged.

8. Insulate stones that are more susceptible to atmospheric changes.

The number 8 care tip for your jewelry with natural stones is about the last of the 3 types of stone we have told you about. Some of the stones most susceptible to atmospheric changes are Pearls, Colored Quartz and Agates. We recommend that you store them in a cool, dry place, away from windows and drafts.

9. Eyeglasses gauze? It will be your best ally.

It's that simple. Keep a spectacle cloth handy at all times. It works better to clean your precious stones than any damp cloth, specific product, sponge or cloth. Of course, every time you go over them, do it with the gentleness and care they deserve.

10. Jewelry cleaners: stay away!

Many times people try to sell us silver cleaners, gold cleaners or jewelry cleaners in general. If we are not sure of the chemical components of these products or their PH, it is much better to stay away. As we have already mentioned, it is better to go over it with a chamois than to ruin your jewelry with a chemical product that you do not know.

Now that we know a lot more about how to take care of our little treasures, let's get to work!

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