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Onyx and its properties: What is onyx used for?

Onyx is a variety of quartz and one of the oldest stones that have been discovered on Earth. It is found in different colors, and depending on the color it has a different meaning.

Have you ever heard of Onyx and its properties?

Today at LAVANI, we tell you all about this characteristic stone, which has been used in jewelry and ornamental pieces since ancient times. Are you ready to discover the Onyx stone?

Find out everything you can know about Onyx!


Onyx: What is it?

Onyx is a variety of quartz that can be presented in several colors.

Black onyx was a very precious mineral used in ancient times: the Romans used it to make seals, brooches and earrings.

It is also mentioned in numerous sacred texts and manuscripts. However, in other cultures it was known as "the stone of bad luck".

It always has a characteristic luster. The black specimens are usually very bright, and it is normal that they sometimes have white streaks.

Onyx stone and its properties

2. Onyx: properties of the stone

Onyx is attributed with several properties and benefits that are of interest to all of us. Among them we can find:

  1. On an emotional level and in times of anguish and stress, the Onyx helps to make the best decisions wisely.
  2. Onyx is an amulet for those who seek to achieve their personal goals.
  3. Physically, it makes us look younger, as it strengthens skin, hair and nails, as well as serving as an emollient and fortifying agent for the prevention of aging.
  4. As people, Onyx enhances our authenticity and sincerity, making us transparent.
  5. Onyx also maintains our memories and eliminates our fears, enhancing our personal security and stability.

Onyx stone and its meaning

Onyx: spiritual significance

Onyx is considered a protective stone, that is to say, it is capable of absorbing negative energies and converting them into positive ones, promoting human vitality.

Besides being a protective stone, Onyx contributes to the development of physical and mental endurance, strengthening us as people in every way.

Onyx is a very popular spiritual stone, being one of the oldest stones found on Earth, its meaning and properties have been passed from generation to generation for thousands of years.

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 Onyx black meaning

Onyx: different colors

The characteristic color of the Onyx is black, but sometimes we find specimens in white, red, green and yellow.

It is also very common for Onyx stones to have a white stripe in their composition.



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