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Precious stones and their names

Gemstones are hidden in masks and talismans as well as in jewelry. The latter, endowed with unique and special stones, form unique pieces whose beauty and elegance will be multiplied with these gems. There are different types of gems, according to their color, name and meaning. In this blog we will not leave you with curiosity and you can discover the various types of gemstones and their meaning!

Do you want to know the names of gemstones and their meaning?

Precious stones and their names

1. What are gemstones?

Gems, also called gems, are minerals of natural origin. These, when cut or polished, can be used in the manufacture of jewelry, characterizing these pieces with brilliance and sophistication.

For a mineral to be considered a gemstone, it must meet three characteristics: beauty, durability and scarcity. By beauty we refer to its color, brilliance and transparency. Regarding durability, the gemstone must measure from 1 to 10 on the Mohs scale, and it must be durable. And finally, the gemstone must be difficult to find and extract from nature. These criteria make it possible to distinguish between precious and semi-precious stones.

Gemstones have been admired for centuries for their beauty, rarity and mystical properties. These gems are found in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are often used in jewelry or other decorative pieces. Below, we will explore the different types of gemstones and their unique characteristics, as well as the meanings hidden in each of these gemstones.

2. The diamond

Its name means "invincible" and comes from Greece. It is one of the most precious minerals in the world. It is the only gem composed of only carbon and is crowned as the best gem par excellence.

These gemstones are associated with luxury and wealth. The reason why the engagement ring is associated with diamond jewelry when getting married is because these gemstones represent love and partnership.

In addition, although these gems are always associated with being transparent, there are diamonds of various colors such as yellow, green, pink or black.

Diamond Precious Stones

3. The ruby

Its name comes from the Latin "ruber" meaning "red". This gem is characterized by the intense reddish color, which is due to the metals that form this gemstone: iron and chromium.

After diamond, ruby is the gem with the highest hardness. A curious fact is that of all the rubies extracted from nature, only between 1% and 5% are selected for use in jewelry. When selected and cut, these gems acquire the intense color that differentiates them from other minerals.

Success, self-confidence, power and courage are some of the aspects that these gems represent. This explains why rubies were the favorite stones for the costumes and jewelry of royalty and wrestlers.

Ruby Gemstones

4. The emerald

This gemstone comes from Persian, and its name means "green stone". There are green stones, however, only the emerald is the only crystalline one, which makes it incomparable. Only 30% of extracted emeralds are selected for jewelry, hence its rarity and high value in the market, and to know if an emerald is of quality, its transparency must be checked.

This green stone is associated with good health, wellbeing and hope, which is why in ancient times it was attributed with healing properties.

Emerald Gemstones

5. Sapphire

Sapphire comes from the Hebrew word "safir", which means "neat". These gemstones come from the same family as rubies, from corundum, but they differ in that sapphire includes all the corundum gems that are of a color other than red. But the best known of these gemstones is the blue sapphire, as it is the most admired and different.

It is also common to find sapphires in engagement rings, as these gemstones symbolize sincerity, fidelity and truth in relationships.

Sapphire Gemstones

6. What are semi-precious stones?

As we have explained before, gemstones differ from semi-precious stones by three criteria: their beauty, rarity and durability. Despite this, semiprecious stones are also special and unique like gemstones.

Some examples of semi-precious stones are: agate, amethyst, amber, aquamarine, aventurine, quartz, topaz, turquoise or moonstone.

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