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What is moonstone? Properties and characteristics

Moonstone is a fascinating mineral, also known as Fish Eye or Wolf Eye. In English moonstone is known as moonstone. Today we are going to tell you all about moonstone and its properties.

Discover the properties and characteristics of the Moonstone or Moonstone.

Moonstone meaning and properties on moonstone ring

It is a stone with an incredible visual effect in white color that flashes cold and iridescent colors, reminding us of our most special satellite: The Moon. It is one of the stones with a very symbolic energy that can sometimes transmit magic, mystery and fantasy.

Would you like to know more about the most lunar stone on our planet?


1. What is Moonstone

Moonstone is a gemstone, mineral or quartz that traces its history and uses back thousands of years. It is a stone with a whitish color that reflects a very special light in blue and purple colors. That is, when the light hits the thin layers that scatter it in a phenomenon known as adularescence, so the Moonstone is an adularia.

Detail of moonstone and its properties in a gold plated necklace.

It is also a very expensive stone to obtain, which is why its value is so high.

It is often confused with the Labradorite stone, so you must be careful to know if the Moonstone you buy is original or is another type of similar stone.

The authentic Moonstone is a very delicate mineral and difficult to work due to its fragility and delicacy. Undoubtedly, it is an incredible stone!



2. Quartz Moonstone origin

The origin of Moonstone quartz expands around the world, as this stone has deposits in countries such as Brazil, the European Alps, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, United States or Tanzania.

The major part and the main producing country of this stone is Sri Lanka, where the highest quality and quantity of Moonstone in the world can be found. Specifically, on the island of Meetiyagoda. Even so, it is important to know that this type of mineral is very scarce. However, although the stone belongs to the most abundant group of minerals on Earth, it does not follow the quality of its group of precious stones.



3. Moonstone meaning and stories

Many magical stories and myths revolve around the Moonstone.

It is said to be the Stone of the new beginning and is strongly linked to the Moon and intuition, being a small detachment of the Moon to our Planet. It is a moonstone that helps to calm the emotions in front of new cycles and beginnings of life, bringing a lot of luck to the one who possesses it.

It is also full of receptive energy, so it is believed to balance the emotions between couples, helping them to connect more emotionally with each other.

Also, the Moonstone has many stories and beliefs over time. For example, it was believed that if it was sewn into a woman's clothes she would become pregnant. The Romans protected it as they believed that inside the Moonstone dwelled the goddess of the Moon herself. And nowadays, it is a stone very present in artistic jewelry and in several outstanding works of the 20th century.

Ring with moonstone and its properties by LAVANI Jewels


4. Moonstone Quartz properties

Some of the properties that revolve around Moonstone are:

  • Femininity, fertility, love and change
  • Mythicism and legends and stories about the Moon.
  • It is believed to be the perfect talisman for night travelers or people who sail the seas, as the moon is in charge of moving the ocean waves in the direction she wishes.
  • Being linked to femininity, it is considered as a stone that helps the good sense of humor, affection and peace.
  • In terms of health, Moonstone is able to regulate sleep cycles, as well as hormonal cycles, so many times Moonstone is used with a menstrual necklace . For example in LAVANI, we have different necklaces with Moonstone perfect to help you with your period.


  • The Cancer sign of the zodiac is closely related to this blue Moonstone.


    5. The color of the Moonstone

    Few stones on the planet are lucky enough to have a color as special as that of our mineral: Moonstone.

    The real Moonstoneis characterized by having a whitish color. It is considered an adular stone, that is to say, when the light reflects on it, it shows iridescent shades of grayish, purple and blue, therefore, it reminds of the Moon.

    Its different colors can be a sign of the different qualities of Moonstone that exist. If the optical effect of the reflection of colors in the stone is intense, it means that we are in front of a high quality Moonstone. Moreover, the fact that the stone presents scratches or cracks does not mean that it is of lesser quality because its characteristic crystallizes in layers producing greater adularescence.

    On the other hand, the Moonstone Iris is used in costume jewelry, with a lesser effect of color and brightness and small sparkles spread by the stone itself.

    Quality moonstone to differentiate between cheap moonstone and fake moonstone


    6. Buy Moonstone

    We are sure many of you are wondering what the price of a real Moonstone is or how much a Moonstone is worth.

    Well the reality is that, this varies a lot depending on the quality of the Moonstone itself. But to give you a small idea of how much its price varies, this moonstone can be worth between 2€ and 250€.

    In LAVANI Jewels, we have many jewels that feature the Moonstone as protagonists. Here are some of our favorites:

    • Pendant Asmara White: The Asmara White pendant is a very special necklace with a crescent moon pendant face down with small moonstone forming it. In addition, the pendant is made with a beautiful golden 22 karat gold plating with 3 microns of thickness.
    • Itzia Earrings: Itzia earrings are unique square shaped dangling earrings that give off small plates in which you can see a white sparkle thanks to the mini Moonstones that are in them. They are a unique piece in our collection.
    • Moon Circulation: The Circulation is one of our latest releases with the Le Tarot collection. It is a golden ring that represents the moon phases through different Moon stones that are spread on the ring. Also available as a set, the most special choker, the Moon Circulation Choker Moon Circulationchoker with phases.
    • Signet: The Signet ring is the cousin of the Moon Circulation and is a gold signet ring that forms a crescent moon and star through the use of our star mineral Moonstone.
    • Moonstone rings: we have created this special collection with a whole selection of moonstone rings that you will love.
    • Sirius Earrings: The Sirius earrings reveal his name to the famous character of the Harry Potter movies Sirius. A werewolf that transforms with the moon. That is why in LAVANI we decided to pay tribute to this character through these earrings. Golden crescent moons with Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone. A star in our collection


    In short, the Moonstone is the moonstone you need in your life. It is a unique, magical stone, full of stories and life. Get a jewel that contains it to bring balance, love and harmony to your life, you will love the Moonstone!


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