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Amethyst properties and characteristics

As we love that our Lavani Girls know in detail with what materials and how the jewelry that you wear in your day to day is made, today we bring you the story of one of the semi-precious stones that we use most in our artisan workshops.

Discover all the properties and characteristics of the purple Amethyst stone.

This one is formed thanks to the magma as some other stone and has peculiarities that make it unique and unrepeatable. Do you already know which stone we are talking about? You are right if you have thought of... AMAATISTA! Discover below all the properties, characteristics and curiosities about Amethyst.

Stay to read if you want to discover from the physical properties of the Amethyst stone, to its meaning and even how to clean your jewelry with Amethyst stone. Let's start with the post for you to discover everything about Amethyst!

Texture of amethyst stone and meaning of amethyst

1. What is the Amethyst stone?

Amethyst is a quartz of magmatic origin that has been known for thousands of years. It was already used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt, where it was known as the "gem of fire", with a market value equal to that of diamond. Today, it is classified in the category of semi-precious stones.

It symbolizes the divine wisdom. It is characterized by its violet color, which can be more or less intense depending on the amount of iron contained in the stone. It is most commonly found coating the inside of agates in the form of geodes.

The natural Amethyst is formed by the introduction of iron in quartz crystals and has a volcanic origin, as it is formed in magmas of siliceous rocks at temperatures not exceeding 300/400ºC because, otherwise, it loses its violet color and gives rise to burnt amethyst.

Amethyst natural stone from which Lavani's jewelry is made

2. Amethyst physical properties

The curious thing about the amethyst stone is its mystical properties, but first to understand why it is a stone so widely used in jewelry, we will comment on its physical properties.

The appearance of amethyst attracts a lot of attention as it is a purple gemstone.

The color of Amethyst ranges from very intense shades to very subtle palettes of violet. This will vary depending on the amount of iron in the stone. Purple amethyst with a very intense shade of violet is considered (still today) a mineral treasure, a very valuable purple mineral. On the other hand, amethyst with lighter shades are called Roses of France and their value is less.

properties of the necklace with amethyst stone


3. Amethyst spiritual properties

Amethyst has very great spiritual significance, it is even said that amethyst has magical properties. We present you the healing properties of this stone.

- Physical healing properties: mainly, Amethyst is used as a soothing, both physical and psychological tensions, lowering our stress level and allowing us to sleep better. In addition, all this will make us have fewer headaches and recharge our energy more easily.

- Mental healing properties: this stone is considered one of the most positive energies, giving us patience and self-esteem, leading us to balance away from our mind feelings such as anger, impatience or envy.

In addition, this purple mineral is related to the horoscope and to the month of February.

Amethyst is related to February and Neptune, so we have a zodiac sign that goes like a glove: Aquarius. Besides being the stone of Valentine's Day (February 14).

As it could not be otherwise, the February Birthstone chain carries the Amethyst stone, you can combine it with the Aquarius zodiac charm. We also have a birthstone ring made of amethyst mineral for those born in February, a fine golden ring with your birthstone and zirconia that give it a lot of shine.

Earrings with amethyst stone


4. Amethyst stone meaning

The term "Amethyst" comes from amethustos, which means "he who is not drunk" and comes from the legend we tell you below.

Amethyst legend:

This is related to the god Bacchus, who one day, totally intoxicated, began to chase his girlfriend (a beautiful nymph), who, trying to escape, invoked her goddess out of devotion (the goddess Diana) and managed to become a bunch of crystal grapes that returned Bacchus to his state of sobriety.

This legend leads to the belief that amethyst prevents drunkenness. At that time, amethyst crystal glasses were used to avoid getting drunk.

How to clean jewelry with Amethyst stone


5. How to keep our Amethyst jewelry clean

If you are wondering how to keep our amethyst jewelry clean, we have the answer!

You are in luck because this stone has a very long life and is quite resistant. However, if you want to take good care of your jewelry to keep it intact as the first day, it is very important not to overexpose it to extreme heat.

In addition, to keep it shiny, we must clean it with soap and water, drying it carefully with a cloth. Shine for years your amethyst jewelry!

amethyst stone for jewelry LAVANI Jewels

Amethyst Jewelry

In this last section we present the amethyst in LAVANI jewelry. On our website you will find necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with amethyst stone.

The pride mini purple pendant is very simple and ideal for everyday wear. The purple amethyst stone will be ideal to give your look a special touch. In addition, the chain is made with 3 microns of 24 carat gold.

Another necklace that includes amethyst is the The Empress that combines this stone with aquamarine quartz and kunzite quartz. Chokers are very fashionable so they will be the perfect choice to adorn your neck this summer.

If you are looking to include Amethyst in your earrings we present you the Serendipity.

These leaf-shaped earrings are inspired by chestnut leaves and plated in 24 carat gold. They are adorned inside with multiple semiprecious stones including amethyst, malachite, rose quartz and chalcedony, the combination of these jewels will bring you a lot of light.

In short, it is a perfect design to wear in the most special occasions, to complete a guest look or for your summer nights.


Do you already know why we love this stone so much at Lavani Jewels? Visit our and create the best looks with our jewelry with amethyst stone!


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