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Agate Stone: what is Agate, the color of Agate stone and more

Agate is a silica stone variety known as Chalcedony. Agate stone is not considered by some scientists a mineral, due to its composition because it is formed by small quartz crystals. In addition, it is a very diverse stone, since agate can be found in different colors and transparencies, depending on its origin.

Agate is the most beloved variety of Chalcedony and the most colorful mineral found of all.

Would you like to know more curiosities about the Agate stone? Discover the characteristics of Agate.

Blue Agate Stone


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1. What is Agate

Agate stone, as we have said before, is the most famous variety of the mineral Chalcedony and is part of the periodic table within the group of the Silicides.

Agate is usually found in volcanic geographies.

The coloring of the Agate presents very marked opaque tones and, it is a translucent stone, at the same time formed by the bands in the upper crust of the mineral.

Banded Agate interior stone


2. The color of the Agate stone

As we have already introduced before, the colors of the Agate stone are very varied. But we must point out that these colors are mostly dyed after the extraction of the mineral, because rarely are so many types of colors found from its origin. Normally, the most abundant color of agate stone is gray, white or pale blue.

However, you can find white agate stone, green agate stone, black agate stone, pink agate stone, blue agate stone and even purple agate stone. As you can imagine, these stones are in great demand due to the great use they provide in the jewelry sector due to their great diversity.

Agate Stones in the existing colors


3. Agate stone origin

The origin of Agate goes back many years, although nowadays, this Agate stone is still being formed by volcanic activity.

Agate mineral is formed under pressure from the earth's crust with the onset of volcanoes, which is why this mineral is usually mined in volcanic sites.

In addition, a curiosity of the Agate stone is that its formation is the result of the cooling of the lava, which forms air bubbles, creating with that pressure the Agate stone.

The main Agate deposits are located in: Australia, Mexico, Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, the United States and Brazil.

Inner Agate stone deposit



4. History of the Agate stone

The history of Agate goes back to Germany, specifically to the city of Idar-Obeistern. In this German city, the Agate trade began in the 1800s, establishing itself as one of the main professions of the city. Thus, this tradition in Germany is known worldwide thanks to the production of Agate.

Although also historically, it can be said that the meaning of Agate stone comes from Sicily, where in ancient times the Achates river was one of the main sources of Agate stone and one of those responsible for the name Agate. Now the Achates river is known as Dirillo.


5. Properties of Agate

The properties of Agate stone vary according to its original colors.

  • Pink Agate stone properties: the properties of the pink Agate stone are the same as the properties of the fuchsia Agate stone. This stone is usually found in Minnesota, USA where the Agate mineral is mixed with iron from the abundant deposits in the area forming the pink or fuchsia color.

Properties Pink or fuchsia agate


  • White Agate gemstone properties: White Agate acquires this characteristic color because they are Agate minerals that have not finished their formation containing small particles of water in its components.

White Agate Stone


  • Green Agate properties: they are located in Argentina and are one of the most coveted and collected Agate stones among the minerals.

Green Agate Stone


  • Agate purple stoneIt is associated to the Greek culture, because the Greeks considered that the purple Agate was able to attract good harvests.

Purple Agate Stone


  • Blue Agate Properties Blue Agate: Blue Agate is one of the most common in the world, it is associated with confidence, truth and intelligence. This blue stone has been dyed since ancient times, as there are very few true blue Agates.

Blue Agate Stone

  • Black Agate stone properties: also known as Onyx, it is the main mineral used to give black color to jewelry.

Black Agate Stone: Onyx


  • Gray Agate stone: the properties of the gray Agate stone presents many bands combining grayish colors with pale pinks.

Agate gray stone


6. Agate Zodiac sign

The Agate's zodiac sign is Libra. Therefore, the agate stone is associated with balance, truth, confidence and wisdom. Discover our Libra zodiac pendants with Agate birthstone.



7. How much is an Agate stone worth

The prices of Agate stones vary according to their colors, or, if they have been dyed.

Normally, Agate stones that are sold are usually dyed stones. So if you are wondering how much an Agate stone is worth, its price ranges from 3 € to 30 €.

If we were talking about Agate stones with original vibrant colors, their price would start at about 300€.


Jewelry with Agate stone

Agate jewelry attracts good luck and work, so we recommend that you always carry an Agate stone on you.

We make it easy for you by showing you our Agate jewelry so you can choose the one you like the most and bring you good luck.


9. How to clean Agate

We give you 2 tricks to clean your Agate stone:

  1. Leave your Agate stone or Agate jewelry next to other crystal stones such as quartz for 24 hours.
  2. Place your Agate stone or your Agate stone jewelry under water for a few minutes and ask the water to carry away all the negative energies in the water.


Undoubtedly, Agate is one of the most versatile minerals for the jewelry market. In addition, the stone is characterized by its high quality and durability so if you have the opportunity to get it, do not hesitate to choose the Agate stone so that its properties accompany you.


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