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Stones of the heart chakra Anahata

Have you ever wondered how our body functions when we are in complete harmony? Have you ever felt a sense of general well-being? Well, this is because the chakras, being seven in total, are in total balance. Surely you have heard of these chakras, but do not know exactly what they are. In this blog we will explain their meaning, the different types and we will pay special attention to the heart chakra, the Anahata.

Discover what are the chakras and the Anahata

1. What are the chakras?

The name chakra means circle or wheel. These are energetic circles found in our body. They are distributed throughout the spine, from the coccyx to the crown of the head.

The chakras or vortexes are seven and represent the union between the mind and the body, turning our physical and emotional being into one. This is a concept widely used in Eastern culture, being popular in areas such as yoga or meditation.

Before explaining what they are for, we must believe that everything is energy in our body. These vortexes absorb energy and assimilate it depending on the vibratory frequency of each person.

For our body and person to be in perfect harmony and well-being, these chakras must be balanced. But when one or more of these vortexes are blocked, the rest of the chakras can start to malfunction and our balance can be lost. It is very important to take care and keep these energetic vortexes in balance.

2. Types of chakras

Seven chakras can be found in our body, each located along our central channel or spine.

In order, the chakras of our body are:

  • Muladhara, the root chakra. Located at the base of the spine. It is our center of energy and survival.
  • Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra. It is located in the abdomen and represents sensuality and emotions.
  • Manipura, the solar plexus chakra. It is located three fingers above the navel and symbolizes personal power.
  • Anahata, the heart chakra. As its name suggests, it is located in the heart and is associated with feelings of love and appreciation for other people.
  • Vishuddna, the throat chakra. Related to the neck, jaw and teeth, it is located in the throat. It represents communication and purification.
  • Ajna, the third eye chakra. It is located on the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows. It symbolizes thought.
  • Sahasrara, the crown chakra. Located in the crown of the head and related to spirituality.

Each one of these vortexes is related to different parts of our body, and to obtain total harmony, each one of them must be taken care of.

Chakra anahata what is

3. Heart chakra, Anahata

In this blog we want to highlight the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. Also called Anahata, this is located in the center of the chest. Anahata means "unstruck". This chakra is related to feelings of love towards other people as well as towards life.

This acts as a point of union and balance between the physical and emotional world and represents the central point of the rest of the chakras. It is the meeting point between all our limbs, from the feet to the head. It represents the breath, allowing us to live freely.

Its element is air and it is connected to the respiratory system. Therefore, when the Anahata is blocked, heart or respiratory diseases may appear.

In more detail, the areas of the body where this energetic vortex is found are the forearm, arms, heart, diaphragm, shoulders, hands, lung tissues and immune system.

This chakra is associated with the color green and pink because it revitalizes us with compassion, friendship, love of family, partner or friends, love for oneself and one's existence.

Anahata Chakra which is

4. Heart chakra stones

There is a connection between the chakras and certain gemstones, as we are all part of the Earth, and it is the Earth that generates crystals and other minerals.

The Anahata is traditionally represented by the color green, because as we have explained before, it helps to be in touch with one's emotions. But there are several minerals and gemstones that are associated with the heart chakra and help it to be balanced.

Some of the green stones and minerals that represent Anahata are tourmaline, moss agate, amazonite and green aventurine. And other gems that symbolize the universal love of the heart chakra are garnet, rose quartz and rhodonite. These are the main ones, but you can find more gems related to Anahata.

anahata which is heart chakra

These gems allow to maintain and balance the air energy in the Anahata heart chakra of each person.

If you want to accompany each of your chakras with an accessory to complement it, you can opt for various jewelry made with minerals and gems that are associated with it. In the case of Anahata, there are several gems that you can find embedded in jewelry.

In Lavani we want to recommend you several pieces made with tourmaline, in order to obtain the balance you desire so much in your heart. Discover the Atienza Tourmaline Necklace or if you want to opt for some earrings, the Flaming tourmalines will not leave you indifferent. If you prefer to opt for the aventurine, the Mulberry Green Aventurine Ring will become your favorite.

If you prefer to opt for jewels with rose quartz, in Lavani we have the Kasia Rose Quartz RingRing, the Blackberry Strawberry Quartz Ring for the more daring, and the Pride Mini Rose Pendant for the more traditional ones.


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