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Purple gemstones

Purple gemstones have always been known among all minerals for their intense and striking color. Amethyst is one of the best known, but how many others do you know?

What other purple stones are there and where can I find them?

In today's blog you will learn all about this wonderful world of purple gems, their origin, properties and much more.

Read on and delve into the world of these minerals!

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of purple quartz and usually has violet or purple tones. The origin of the name is quite curious, as amethyst comes from the Greek amethystos meaning not drunk, as it was believed that this gem could prevent drunkenness.

purple amethyst stone

Some of the properties of this stone are good luck, creativity, protection and wisdom.

Did you know that it is the birthstone for those born in February?

As we have said, it has a very variable tonality and its darker variants are due to the amount of iron used in its growth, so the more uniform it is, the more value it will have.

This purple stone can be found in countries such as Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay or India.

Discover some of our with Amethyst:


is a stone that is mostly used in jewelry and decorative objects. Because of its wide variety of colors: purple, pink, green, black, yellow or blue, it is a highly valued gemstone. Did you know that black tourmaline is one of the most abundant?

tourmaline purple stone

The purple one is also known as rubellite tourmaline and is one of the most valuable. It can be found mainly in the deposits of Brazil, Madagascar and Mozambique.

Depending on the color, tourmaline is associated with some properties or others. For example: blue will bring you a communicative balance; black is the most protective variety; pink activates self-esteem and confidence; and green is often used as a calming stone to bring you tranquility.

3. Fluorite

The fluorite is a soft stone that comes from the calcite family. In addition to its purple hue, it is also in more shades such as blue, blue-green and yellow. This stone also has a rather curious etymological origin, since it is due to its fluorescent property and the ease with which it melts, as it comes from the Latin "fluere" which is to flow.

fluorite purple stone

Among its healing and spiritual properties, it is believed to balance the chakras and promote mental clarity. It is also believed to help relieve stress and enhance intuition.

This stone can be found practically all over the world, but the most important deposits are in Mexico, China and Spain.


The come from the chalcedony family and there are many types and colors. Because of their characteristic hardness, they have always been used in jewelry making.

This stone can be found mainly in the United States, although deposits in Brazil and Uruguay are also important.

Agate purple stone

Among its properties, agate is associated with protective and healing properties, in addition to bringing balance and harmony. 

Did you know that in ancient times soldiers were given a piece of purple agate before war to protect them?


5. Charoita

Finally, charoite is one of the rarest crystals in the world and is only found in the Chara River in Siberia, Russia. Because of its difficulty to obtain and its beauty, it is one of the most valued stones. It is also known as lilac stone and Charoite jade.

Among the properties of charoite one of the most remarkable is the elimination of negative qualities and thus favoring tolerance with other people. It is also believed to bring mental calm and to promote emotional well-being. Thus, this stone is often recommended to relax the body and sleep.

 charoita purple stone

Did you know all these purple gemstones? Now that you know more about this world of purple minerals, enter Lavazine and discover all the properties of the rest of the stones!


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