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Ruby: meaning and properties

Within our Stone Stories we find natural stones with great history and meaning, but this time we bring you the crown jewel, never better said, since the rough ruby was known for starring in jewels belonging to royalty.

Get to know the rough ruby, one of our favorite gemstones.

Ready to dive in and get to know the most important and characteristic of the ruby?

1. Ruby: precious stone

The ruby is one of the most expensive and rare gemstones among the known gemstones, and belongs to the corundum family, like the sapphire. Both stones have very similar qualities, being the main difference between them, at first sight, the color. The ruby can be found in red, violet or even brown. We can find them in a great number of mines in Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka...

 Ruby stone ring and its meaning

Ruby: properties

In ancient times used by the inhabitants of Burma as a talisman against diseases, bad luck and wounds, Rubies were known in ancient times as drops of blood from the heart of mother earth.

Over time we find many properties in rubies, and the four that stand out the most are:

  • Protection. If you are lucky enough to wear a ruby in your jewelry and in contact with your skin, you can feel the protection it gives you. It also works against negative energies, providing harmony in the wearer's life.
  • Emotional benefits. Another benefit is that it strengthens willpower and self-confidence, improves concentration, promotes motivation and transmits calmness.
  • Passion and symbol of blood. Its reddish color is related to blood, that is why ruby represents pure, strong and passionate love. It also promotes physical and spiritual love, seeking harmony between both. Perfect as a gift for your partner.
  • Healing: although science does not want to confirm it, ruby is attributed to stimulate circulation and digestion, the production of white and red blood cells and keep hormones in balance. The ruby and its positive properties will fill you with energy, courage, power and courage.

In addition to its beauty, this gemstone is very complete in terms of energetic properties. Do you understand now why we are so in love with ruby?

ruby gemstone in earrings


3. Ruby: meaning

Ruby means "stone of the sun" and symbolizes: passion, love, the inner fire of each one... Being one of the most important and valuable gemstones for its brightness and color. In fact, legend has it that the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan even offered an entire city in exchange for a ruby.

 red ruby gemstone ring

4. Ruby: jewelry

All our Lavani jewelry is made of noble materials and natural stones. The entire creation process of our different collections is based on the search for the highest quality. From the design, through the cutting technique of the stones, to the most personal customer service, both in store and online.

That's why some of Lavani's jewelry features rough ruby, so you will always wear your precious stone in contact with your skin, connecting with you and activating all its properties.

We found the Ruby Julio ring, and earrings with rub y as the rings Blume Ruby earrings, the Thar Ruby or Alhambra Ruby.

Which one is your favorite?



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