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Lapis Lazuli properties: all about the mineral Lapis Lazuli

The stone we will talk about in this blog is very special and widely used in the world of jewelry, but despite its recognition, there are many who still do not know the secrets about it. Would you be able to tell what stone we are talking about today?

Properties of lapis lazuli, meaning of lapis lazuli and many more details about this lapis lazuli mineral

Indeed, we are talking about...


Lapis lazuli stone for jewelry by LAVANI Jewels


 Let's start with the post!

1. What is lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone, although geologically rough lapis lazuli is defined as lapis lazuli rock; material composed of several minerals. It belongs to the sodalite group, therefore, the original lapis lazuli stone is this one. It presents small spots or inclusions of metallic color, which are small crystals of pyrite embedded. Lapis lazuli has a meaning that comes from "lapis" in Latin (stone) and "lazuli", which comes from Arabic and means paradise. The mineral lapis lazuli shares with turquoise the distinction of being among the most prized gems of ancient civilizations.

lapis lazuli mineral

2. What is lapis lazuli used for?

Lapis lazuli is a stone used mainly to make jewelry, the blue color of this stone is ideal for creating necklaces, earrings or rings with character. In addition, lapis lazuli due to its spiritual properties is also used as an amulet.

Throughout history, the usefulness of this natural stone has been infinite.

Earrings with blue lapis lazuli stone by LAVANI Jewels


3. Formation and origin of Lapis Lazuli

There are different deposits of lapis lazuli stone, but without a doubt we have to emphasize that lapis lazuli has its origin in the Sar-e-Sang deposit, located in a region of northern Afghanistan.

Also... Where is there lapis lazuli?

As there are also so many deposits of lapis lazuli in Peru, this stone is also known as lapis lazuli de chile and has become the national stone.

origin lapis lazuli stone



4. Lapis lazuli: meaning and legend

Although this is not a legend as such, it has surprised us so much that we tell you about it. Lapis lazuli has its origin in the Middle Ages when it was powdered and used to form a pigment with its blue color, with which they had furniture and fabrics. In fact, many painters (Leonardo da Vinci or Fra Angelico), used it in their paintings and we can also see it on the walls and columns of mosques and palaces in the Middle East and Europe.


5. Lapis lazuli color and appearance

Lapis lazuli has an intense blue color, also known as "lapis lazuli blue" because it contains lazurite, but its blue can vary from purplish blue to even greenish blue, depending on the amount of sulfur it contains (this is its "colorant"). In addition, the amount of pyrite also influences, which can cause a greater or lesser golden reflection to be observed in this gemstone.

ring with lapis lazuli mineral by LAVANI Jewels


6. Mineral lapis lazuli spiritual properties

Thanks to lapis lazuli, we can stay focused for longer, it gives us stability and tranquility and makes us grow both spiritually and personally. It is said that lapis lazuli energetic cleansing is one of its properties. The lapis lazuli has a spiritual meaning is important because it keeps us away from negativity, makes us see things from another point of view and clears the mind to think clearly.


7. Other properties of lapis lazuli

It is said that wearing lapis lazuli stone can help you to avoid headaches and migraines; it will help you with your thyroid and it will also reduce your insomnia and improve your blood pressure. We can affirm that lapis lazuli stone has multiple benefits.

natural lapis lazuli stone for jewelry making by LAVANI Jewels

8. Lapis lazuli physical properties

Lapis lazuli has been one of the most counterfeited gemstones of all times, but how do you know if a lapis lazuli stone is authentic or not? We tell you!

All you have to do is look at them: if the golden specks of lapis lazuli follow a regular pattern, it is a fake. And, also, make sure that the blue is very intense, as if it were an ocean of water. If it doesn't remind you of this, it is also a lapis lazuli fake.


9. Horoscope, amulet lapis lazuli

This jewel is intended to be worn especially by Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn. In ancient times, the meaning of the lapis lazuli stone was the following: if you were given a lapis lazuli jewel with one of these zodiac signs, that person and you were destined to have a sincere and very lasting friendship. The lapis lazuli amulet is an element closely linked to the zodiac.

lapis lazuli raw stone for jewelry making

10. Lapis lazuli jewelry LAVANI

Wearing any lapis lazuli jewelry near us is very simple, with our help you just have to choose which accessory is your favorite! At Lavani Jewels we have a wide , which includes lapis lazuli bracelet, lapis lazuli pendant, even lapis lazuli engagement rings.

Some options are, for example, the Kasia Blue lapis lazuli ring, or near the heart if you opt for the Pride necklace in silver. Also, if you define yourself as a pure Libra, our Birthstone Libra chain with lapis lazuli mineral necklace will be ideal and you can combine it with your favorite necklaces.

The Kasia Blue ring is made up of 3 small blue lapis lazuli stones placed in the central part of the ring. The natural stones that form the stone give a different and elegant touch to the piece, it also has a 24 carat gold plating.


Together with the ring we have the Kasia Blue and White earrings, earrings with three natural stones carved in the center. These gold plated earrings made of lapis lazuli stone and moonstone will give a lot of light to your face and are ideal to wear with loose hair.


The Pride Silver pendant is made up of 21 natural stones among which we find the lapis lazuli or the moonstone. This necklace that includes the colors of the rainbow will be the perfect complement and touch of color to any look.


  • Lapis lazuli bracelet
Fragments are pieces of necklaces that you can combine to create colorful combinations. You just have to join the two pieces you like and create your ideal necklace or bracelet. One of the fragments we like the most is the Tillid Lapis Lazuli, the beaded fragment with Lapis Lazuli stones.


11. How is lapis lazuli cleaned?

The lapis lazuli stone is very soft and sensitive to pressure, high temperatures and chemicals, so you should follow the instructions in the in which we tell you how to clean the lapis lazuli stone and pamper it if you want it to stay like new for a long time.


Did you imagine that lapis lazuli had all these meanings? Neither did we!

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