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What is Rose Quartz?

Quartz is one of the most widespread natural stones. We all know it, we have heard of it, we have seen it, or we have had a memory of quartz when we were little.

Today we tell you what is rose quartz, its meaning, properties and what is rose quartz good for.

Let's go for it!!!


1. Rose quartz stone: what you need to know about rose quartz stone

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz, it is a very abundant mineral on our planet. It can be found mainly in Brazil, South Africa and Madagascar and in Spain, in Galicia and Cáceres. They are mainly composed of silica, which is the fusion of water and sand that, when thousands of years pass, become crystals.

Rose quartz solitaire

You may wonder what is the purpose of rose quartz, because this mineral is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Quartz crystals break with vitreous fracture, so it is important that it contains fractures to ensure its authenticity. Titanium oxide and manganese are mainly responsible for the pinkish tint. It is the stone of unconditional love, being used as a love amulet since 600 BC. In ancient Egypt, it was even used to make facial masks for beautification and wrinkle prevention. Today, it is one of the main stones used in carvings in China.


2. Properties of rose quartz

The rose quartz, has as spiritual properties, energies. This stone helps in the love and the lack of love of those who have it.

It helps a person to find himself and to trust others, thanks to the energy it has. Another characteristic of rose quartz is that it helps to relieve injuries caused by fire. It stimulates the circulatory system to a level and improves the quality of the skin. It limits the appearance of wrinkles and skin disorders. On the other hand, on the physical level, rose quartz stone is good for regulating blood pressure and the endocrine system. It protects the lungs, heart and respiratory tract. It facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body through the adrenal glands and kidneys.


3. What does rose quartz symbolize: meaning of rose quartz

The name of the stone comes from something obvious, which is its pink color. Rose quartz is known as the stone of love for its meaning of sensuality, passion, tenderness and peace among others. Also, it can be called as the stone of love.

Rose Quartz and Love

In ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, the significance of rose quartz stone was reputed for its physical virtues, and more specifically for combating aging, using the stone in powder form, applying it to the face to prevent and slow down wrinkles.

For the Greeks and Romans, the rose quartz stone came from Amor and Eros, the two gods of love. They would have brought it to Earth to spread love and peace. Symbol of peace and beauty, rose quartz was meant to eliminate human hatred and anger.

Nowadays, natural rose quartz is used to make different products, within different sectors such as industry, watchmaking and jewelry. Within this last sector, different types of jewelry are made, such as rose quartz necklaces, rose quartz bracelets, rings, earrings also including this stone.


4. What is rose quartz used for

The mineral rose quartz, serves both to improve relationships between family, friends and partners as well as to attract romance and unconditional love into your life. It creates a very close bond with the people to whom you give a rose quartz.

On the other hand, it is said that if you put rose quartz under your pillow, this mineral will calm your emotions and relax you.

Rose Quartz for humans


5. How to maintain rose quartz

Putting the rose quartz stone in a glass full of distilled salt water for hours, serves to eliminate all the bad energies accumulated and clean the impurities in the rose quartz. In addition, you can also purify the stone with earth and incense.

Once the stone is again purified, it must be recharged with good energies so that it continues to fulfill its function mentioned above. To do this, we must show the quartz stone in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

If you make good use of the stone, clean it and refill it with good energies, once a week, every 15 or 30 days, depending on the use you give to the stone, it will do a magnificent function that you will not believe and will help you in your day to day life.


6. Jewelry with rose quartz

At LAVANI, we offer several pendants with this stone, the Rose Quartz.

One of these is the pendant pendant mini Rose. This is a necklace with a chain made of 3 micron, 24 karat gold and a rose quartz stone dangling from it. It is perfect to wear on a day to day basis without worry, as it is the ideal size for every day. Remember that if you always wear it, you have to remove those bad energies that it absorbs as we have mentioned before so that it does its correct function.

Run and do not miss this opportunity to have a rose quartz stone, to absorb and not transmit those bad energies that sometimes we can get to have.





Remember to refill the rose quartz with good energies so that it keeps helping you!


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