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Red Gemstones

In ancient times colors were considered magical, and this is because the world of gems is a veritable rainbow of colors. Red gems occur in numerous varieties in nature and each one is unique in its kind.

Why are they one of the most highly valued gemstones? 

The power of the color red: a great attachment to women and an incredible color.

1. Ruby

One of the best known red gemstones. Its shades differ between an intense and deep red, which is the classic red ruby and a delicate red, to lighter shades, with tints of pink, violet and orange.

Alhambra Red Lavani Earrings


Rhodolite has particular shades of purple and a high degree of transparency and luster. It is mined in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Thar ruby earrings with red gemstones


The classic Sapphire, par excellence, is blue, but in reality, Sapphires are found in nature in different colors, shades and hues. The orange sapphire can be catalogued in our list of gems with shades of red.

Stardust ruby bracelet with red gemstones


It is formed in the cavity of volcanic rocks and has a typical structure due to the oxidation process of manganese, iron and other mineral elements. The coloring elements are then iron and manganese, but the diversity of color in the different strata of agate is unique.

Blume Ruby earrings with red precious stones


Did you know so much about red gemstones? Now you know some types and you would know how to differentiate them if necessary. If you want to know more about the world of jewelry, dive into The Lavazine.   


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