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How to clean quartz and recharge it

Quartz is one of the stones that we like the most, due to its beautiful appearance, its different colors and its properties. That is why we use it a lot in our designs.

Discover how you can easily clean your quartz and recharge your quartz with the initial energies it had.

Quartz detail cleaning and recharging

Quartz is famous for being a mineral that brings a lot of peace, tranquility and happiness to our days. But that is not always the case, as these quartz need to be cleansed of bad energies and recharged in order to transmit their initial properties.

Follow these recommendations in order to clean and recharge the quartz.


1. How to clean a quartz

To clean a quartz, either for dirt, or in order to remove the bad energies from which it protects us, you will only need salt water. Go to the nearest beach or make the mixture at home to get salt water.

Let your quartz stand for about 30 minutes in this water and dry it with a cloth to have your quartz clean with this simple trick. 

Cleaning a quartz


2. How to charge your energy quartz

With the sea or salt water you have used to clean your quartz, it is now time to move on to the second step if you also want to recharge your quartz. Do not dry your quartz from the water!

Prepare a place where it can rest to leave it under the sun's rays for 24 hours.WARNING! Not all quartz can follow this step. We recommend that if you have a quartz of a more intense or dark color, do not leave it in high and direct sunlight for a long time.

In the rest of the cases, the Sun will recharge our quartz with positive and effective energies and we will be able to use again its incredible properties. 

Recharge your quartz


3. When do I clean and recharge my quartz?

A very common question that we should ask ourselves is how often it is necessary to do this process of cleansing and charging a quartz with energy.

The frequency of cleaning and charging of a quartz will depend on yourself: look and listen to your surroundings, you will certainly notice the bad or good energies. If you consider that your environment is surrounded by bad energies, clean your quartz, otherwise, you can wait a little longer.

Rings with genuine quartz

Do you already know how to clean your quartz easily? Don't forget to recharge it with energy once it is clean and you will notice the difference! You can keep an eye on LAVANI gemstone to learn all the secrets of the stones we use in our jewelry and many more recommendations.


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