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Olivine: properties

Olivine is one of the minerals that with its unique colour and properties is a real eye-catcher. Its intense green allows the creation of very special design jewellery.

Also, if the legend tells that olivine was Cleopatra's favorite stone, there must be a reason.

The mineral olivine: enter their world.

olivine crystal

Today at LAVANI you will know everything you need to know about this crystal.

Keep reading and let yourself be carried away by the world of this unique mineral!

1. Olivine: what is it

When we talk about olivine crystal, we are not referring to a mineral but to a group of minerals from the class of iron and magnesium silicates.

Its name comes from the green colour that is so characteristic of olives and which is present in this mineral. This shade depends on the amount of iron contained in the stone, as the lower the proportion of iron it contains, the more it resembles that light green. Thus, its colour can vary between green, yellow, brown, white or black.olivine properties

Did you know that there are many who say that olivine was one of the minerals that gave rise to life on our planet? That's right, the earth's crust of our planet is largely composed of magnesium and olivine is rich in this component.

2. Characteristics of the mineral olivine

Because of its color, olivine has been confused with green apatite, although its hexagonal shape and less hardness differentiate them. In addition, it is common to find this mineral in volcanic areas, which is why Hawaii is one of the deposits of this stone and where you can even see areas of beaches dyed green by olivine! Other deposits such as Pakistan, the Canary Islands, Brazil, China, Egypt and the USA also stand out. In Egypt you can find olivine stones up to 15 cm!

Did you know that in 2011 there was an olivine rain? Due to the formation of a star and air currents, many particles of this green stone fell from the atmosphere thus occurring this unique and special event.

3. Varieties

There are different types of olivine, but mainly 2 are distinguished: the lamproites olivine and the fayalite olivine. The lamproites type is formed in optimal conditions near volcanic processes and within this are fortunites or peridotites. Then, the fayalite olivine is characterized by its high iron composition and is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. So its hue will vary from green to brown.

olivine stone

4. Uses and spiritual properties of olivine

Due to their characteristic green color, the varieties of peridot and chrysolite are used in jewelry as precious stones, since they have such a powerful color that they allow to create unique and precious designs. In addition, many use them as a protective stone for their magical properties.

mineral olivine

It is said that this crystal is very useful for healing and progress, since it is associated with the heart chakra or anahata, favoring us in the sentimental aspect. Olivine is also known for its cleansing properties and connection with our own being.

Thus, with such special jewels with olivine such as the Liliana Verde Choker , the Thelma Azul Earrings or the Alejandría Verde Earrings, you can take this precious stone with you whenever you want.

Also, if you were born in August your birthstone is peridot and with the August Peridot Ring you will be able to open, activate and cleanse your heart.

If you want to know more about the world of minerals and stones in our jewelry, go to Stone Stories and find out!


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