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Labradorite stone, magical properties and more

In today's Stones Stories we continue to discover the precious stones that accompany us every day and that are part of this wonderful process that is the creation of LAVANI jewelry for you.

We tell you all about labradorite stone and its properties that you don't want to miss.

We give you a preview of what you will be able to discover in the post: labradorite stone has a mystical and protective meaning and gives us calm and tranquility as well as energy, so the magical properties of labradorite are many. Shall we discover everything about this stone?

Labradorite is a mineral that comes from silicates and stands out for its colorful iridescence. We tell you all the curiosities about the labradorite stone in this blog!

1 What is Labradorite?

Labradorite belongs to the feldspar group and is found in plutonic rocks. It is a rainbow type gem, with a gray base and reflections in blue, green, silver, yellow and gold. Thanks to its formation and reflections, each time it can be or look like a different color, that is why many times we can find different colors....

labradorite stone colors in necklace


We show you some of them!

White Labradorite

Because they are sometimes not so dark, white labradorite is called when the stone has a lighter tone with reflections and with an effect similar to that of the Moonstone.

Yellow Labradorite

Again, sometimes the formation of the labradorite stone causes its color to vary, giving rise to more yellowish tones and being referred to as yellow labradorite.

Red Labradorite

If its formation changes, but continues to share a large part of its chemistry, it can be the case of an andesine, which is nothing more and nothing less than a red labradorite.

Let's continue, labradorite is a stone with great mystical significance: it is said that labradorite is highly protective and forms a barrier against negative energies.

Regarding the formation of labradorite, this occurs thanks to the crystallization of igneous and metamorphic rocks. In order to be used in jewelry, they must be previously polished, usually giving them a cabochon shape (rounded at the top and flat at the bottom).

This mineral was discovered in a small region of Canada (Labrador, where its name comes from) where the storms of the Northern Lights are born and thanks to which the labradorite gets a lot of green, gold, blue colors ... that remind us that we have the ground beneath our feet and the stars above.


2. Curiosities of Labradorite

One of the curiosities of the labradorite stone is that it is related to the Pisces zodiac, because it is linked to the birth months of February and March which coincides with the time when the dance of the skies of the winter scenes of the Aurora Borealis takes place. The Inuit people of the Arctic thought that it was created by the Aurora Borealis, due to its multiple color reflections.

labradorite stone properties for earrings

3. Labradorite properties

Next, we will delve into the properties of labradorite, both physical and mystical, and we will talk about all the curiosities of this stone that we use so much in jewelry.

Although labradorite stone stands out for its mystical properties, its physical properties are also impressive! It has stunning iridescent colors, it can be shades of blue, violet, green, yellow and even orange, and it is highly prized for the beauty that these different colored sparkles have. In addition, it has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, and its shape is diaphanous from transparent to translucent.

4. Labradorite color and appearance

Regarding the color and appearance of this mineral, its most representative characteristic is the Shiller effect, and you may ask, what does it mean?

The Shiller effect is an optical effect that occurs when examining this mineral, causing its crystalline or exfoliation faces to form an angle with the direction of the light and therefore we observe the white/transparent color mixed with the other typical colors of the stone depending on the movement we make.

In addition, the labradorite stone has an iridescent effect, we tell you about it!

labradorite stone iridescent color meaning

Iridescent meaning

When we refer to an iridescent stone it means that it is characterized by reflecting the colors of the rainbow, the mixture of the different colors is produced by the light and creates a beautiful effect on the top of the stone.

5. Labradorite magical properties

As we have already told you, labradorite is a stone with a lot of meaning and mystical properties, it is known as the stone of transformation and courage.

Among the magical properties of the labradorite stone we find that it is mainly a protective stone. It is useful to meditate with it and to give you an extra dose of imagination. The effects of labradorite will reduce your stress and your personal responsibility.

Labradorite is a stone that will lead you towards the light and avoid dark thoughts, thus calming your mind. Wear jewelry with labradorite and find inner balance!

In addition, it has physical healing properties. For example, if we want this stone to help us, the best way to use it is in our respiratory system, because it allows us to breathe deeply and very comfortably, and also when it comes to have a healthy digestion and keep the metabolism working well.

6. Labradorite cleaning

How to keep our labradorite jewelry clean?

Very easy! This gem is very resistant to all substances (creams, alcohol, sweat ...) so it does not need special care, you can simply wash it with soap and water or a cloth or chamois and ... it will look like new!

7. Labradorite buy jewelry LAVANI

We show you our jewelrydesigned with different types of labradorite.

ring with labradorite stone by LAVANI Jewels

with labradorite

In LAVANI we love labradorite stone as a material to design earrings. We show you three different models:

The Daisy Gris earrings are golden earrings with floral details made of mother-of-pearl and labradorite stone. The combination of these two materials creates a very elegant and sophisticated spectacular effect.

The Moonlight earrings are another hoop earrings this time decorated with three natural labradorite stones rounded at the bottom. An ideal jewel for the most special occasions.

If you are looking for a different kind of earrings, the Dafne Gris earrings will be perfect. These golden earrings with labradorite are inspired by dragonflies, a perfect design to give the final touch to a summer look.

with labradorite

For your hands and arms we have labradorite rings and bracelets.

The Stardust Grey ring has a matching bracelet, it will be the ideal combination to wear at weddings, and forget about sizes! These pieces are adjustable.



We hope you liked this new Stone Stories post and we encourage you to choose jewelry with labradorite stone. Find out all about the materials we use to create LAVANI jewelry on our blog.


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