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Citrine: properties

Today, in our special section of the blog of stones, we want to introduce you to a stone that is very unknown to people but that we love: the Citrine.

Citrine: what is Citrine, properties of Citrine and everything you should know about this quartz.

Surely, at some point in your life you may have had a quartz in your hand. There are thousands of types of quartz, big, small, red, blue, pink... but in this case we would like you to know the Citrine.

Quartz is formed over time when sand and water solidify together, and one of these unions forms the stone we are talking about today: Citrine.

Dare to discover the Citrine quartz, a very special stone with many properties.


1. What is Citrine

As we have told you, Citrine is a type of quartz or semiprecious gemstone with a transparent light yellow color. Often you can see a stronger color due to the presence of iron in this quartz.

Being a quartz, it is rated at a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The word Citrine comes from French, and means Lemon, due to its characteristic yellowish color. 

What is Citrine


2. Citrine Color

The color of Citrine is light yellow, in a pale and transparent tone.

Many times, it can become dark orange due to the presence of iron or even dark brown or earth colored. 

Citrine quartz colors: yellow, orange and brown


3. Formation and origin Citrine

Citrine quartz is one of the most abundant stones formed over the years in the earth's crust by the combination of water and sand at high temperatures.

Also, an artificial formation of Citrine is when an Amethyst is heated to a temperature of 400 degrees, which produces the formation of Citrine.

There are a few Citrine deposits in South America, as well as in Europe. As a curiosity, Spain is one of the countries where more Citrine quartz is found in its crusts.

Formation and origin Citrine 

4. Citrine Properties

Citrine is one of the most desired quartz by the population because of the great positivism associated with it.

It is a quartz that attracts prosperity, happiness and joy. It also has properties such as increased vitality, energy and motivation.

In case you are a little sleepy person, you are in luck, because one of the most interesting properties of Citrine is its sleep properties. Dare to place a Citrine quartz under your pillow and you will see the difference! You can also choose to wear a Citrine quartz jewelry like our birthstone Citrine!

Citrine Properties

5. How to clean Citrine quartz

To clean a Citrine quartz in your home, you will simply need warm water and salt.

Immerse your Citrine quartz under water with salt mixture (it can also be sea water) for about 10 minutes. After this time, remove the Citrine and dry it with a dry cloth.


It never hurts to learn about a different quartz, so we hope you liked all the properties associated with Citrine and that you put into practice its use to help you improve with its unique characteristics.

If you want to know more about stones, do not hesitate to visit LAVANI's natural stones section.


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