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Amazonite: properties and features

Amazonite is a variety of the stone known as Microcline of the feldspar group. Its vibrant aquamarine color reflected by its crystalline colors symbolizes courage and bravery. Its name comes from its place of origin, where this mineral was first seen: the Amazon River.

Discover the properties and energies transmitted by the blue Amazonite stone or mineral.

Although it is less known than some of the other stones we have talked about in our blog section of "Stories", it is one of the most different and special stones. Stay to read all about the Amazonite stone!



Let's start with the post! Stay to read it to discover from the origin, through the meaning and properties and even how to clean the Amazonite stone.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a semi-precious stone with greenish turquoise colors. It can contain white, yellow or gray traces, and can be translucent to opaque.

It is a delicate stone, so it must be stored with care if it is kept together with other minerals.

Amazonite zoom turquoise blue

2. Origin of the mineral Amazonite

The origin of Amazonite comes through the scarce variety of microcline. This type of minerals are found in the earth's crust. As we go up to the top of the crust we find more minerals by the solidification of lava, and that is where the origin and formation of Amazonite is found.


3. Amazonite blue color

A curiosity is that the Amazonite blue color comes from the small lead and water particles left in them.

Amazonite blue color


4. Where can we find Amazonite?

This semi-precious stone is formed by a type of minerals called feldspars (more than 50% of the earth's crust has these minerals in its interior), and the deposits of this stone are mainly found in the USA, Madagascar, Russia and even Belgium.

There are Amazonite deposits on all continents except Antarctica.

Amazonite deposit where to find it


5. Stories about Amazonite

Amazonite is closely related to Greek mythology and the goddess of war Athena. The Amazonite represented in the past for Greek women the leadership without men and hembrism.

It has also been closely related to the Egyptian culture as numerous statues have been found in tombs carved with this aquamarine mineral.


6. Properties of Amazonite

The energetic properties of Amazonite is the energy as powerful as the river that gives it its name. Known for providing harmony and balance. Commonly known as the "stone of the brave" or the "stone of truth", it has been used in jewelry since Mesopotamian culture.

The spiritual meaning of Amazonite is very interesting because it helps to treat emotional traumas and to calm them, improving our creativity and our ability to communicate. In addition, it is a stone that absorbs negative energy.

On a physical level, Amazonite stone helps the throat and heart chakras, so it is believed to be a great helper for loving communication.

Amethyst stone love properties chackras


7. Amazonite Zodiac Sign

Amazonite is related to the Aquarius and Virgo zodiacs, and to these it brings a touch of femininity that will make you have a magical ability to solve conflicts and problems that arise in your day to day life.


8. How to clean Amazonite

To clean the Amazonite, it is advisable to clean it by placing it in a bowl and covering it with sea salt. Let it stand for 2-3 hours and then rinse it with water to remove the encrusted salt.

If we also want to free the Amazonite stone from negative electromagnetic waves, we can put it in a pot and leave it next to the plant for a few hours. Thus, the plant will be in charge of absorbing and eliminating the waves of this semi-precious stone.


All the properties and energies of Amazonite are incredible. If you want to discover more gemstones properties y gemstone propertiesvisit our Stone Stories Blog.


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