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How to clean Tarot cards

The Tarot deck is a mystical symbol that goes back many years to the time of the Egyptians. to the time of the Egyptians. Undoubtedly, they hold many mysteries and magic behind them and help to find the path and connection to many people during their lives.

Learn how to clean the Tarot deck so that you never lose the connection of the cards. 

If you are just starting to use the Tarot deck, today we show you how to consecrate the Tarot and how to clean the cards. In addition, you can discover how some complements that will help you in your day to day life to keep up with the energies of the Tarot.


How to clean Tarot cards




Discover with LAVANI ways to clean Tarot cards, their most interesting meanings and the most important part, how to get rid of Tarot cards.


1. What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards form a deck of illustrated cards used to interpret questions of the past or to learn revelations of the future in order to find the path of destiny.


How to consecrate and cleanse Tarot deck cards



Learning to read Tarot cards is a very delicate subject that needs a lot of attention and care.

Some of the most important Tarot cards are the Moon, Strength, Star, Sun, Empowerment and Love. Although one of the most famous and most feared is the Death Tarot card. Another well known card is the Egyptian Tarot card 19, symbol of victory and success.

To familiarize yourself with the Tarot deck, we at LAVANI have created a cute and aesthetic basic deck for beginners, which will help you get to know the components of the Tarot. outthe Tarot deck containing cards of the 22 Major Arcana!


2. How to clean the Tarot cards

If this is the first time you use the Tarot cards, it is necessary that you connect with them so that their destiny is correct.

Also, you should clean the Tarot cards if they are second hand or after a very negative reading.

Learn 3 ways to clean Tarot cards:

  • Disempower negative energies with a pendulum: Choose a pendulum made with quartz or amethyst and pass it over the cards in order to eliminate the negative vibes or pass your connection to it so that they join your soul.
  • Leaving the Tarot cards under the moon: the Tarot and the moon are always two elements that go hand in hand. Therefore, we recommend leaving the cards all night under the light of the moon when it is full or in the waning quarter, so that the moon transmits the necessary light and magic to them and, in this way, they work correctly.
  • Cleanse the Tarot cards with incense: Light a stick of Sandalwood incense and sprinkle it over the Tarot cards to absorb all the energies of the Tarot.

 Clean Tarot cards with quartz


3. How to energize the Tarot deck

The second step after cleansing the Tarot cardsis to energize them. Each card is symbolic of an energy and, therefore, you must make sure that they contain them.

As in the previous step, the candles, the Moon or the incense will help energize the Tarot cards so, with the cleansing step you will be able to get a particular energy for each one of them. In these processes, you should concentrate on putting all your positive energies into it and do not load the Tarot Cards with negative energies, as your cards will carry those vibes over time.

Also, you can use complements, which we will explain in point 5: complement the energy of the Tarot cards.

Complements for Tarot cards


4. Consecrate Tarot

The last step to be able to connect with your Tarot deck is the consecration of the deck.

The consecration of the Tarot will help you to know how to listen to the cards and learn all the secrets they hide. Learn to give a purpose to each card by imbuing them with positive or negative energies depending on their meanings, the Tarot cards should be a spiritual guide for all those who want to know their secrets.

Allow your Tarot cards to choose the final destiny appropriate to each person.


5. Complements the energy of the Tarot cards.

It is very important, if you want your cards to choose a positive destiny, to complement them and transmit the energies they need to do so.

That is why, at LAVANI, we want to show you the complement that will enrich your Tarot readings: card necklaces.

Discover the 6 Tarot card pendants: Strenght, Tarot Moon, Tarot Lovers, Empress, Star and Sun.

Choose the most suitable pendant for each divination and you will see how the energy around you will be as desired.



6. How to get rid of Tarot cards

One of the biggest concerns that may arise over time is how to get rid of Tarot cards, since the use of Tarot cards for divination involves the attraction of spirits.

However, by making sure that the Tarot deck is passed on to another owner and following the steps of cleaning the deck, energizing and consecrating it, there should be no problem with getting rid of it.


Cleansing the Tarot cardsis an essential step in order to be able to cast the cards and begin to delve into divination. Remember to complement it with the Tarot jewels and discover all the secrets behind this magical ritual.



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