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What is silver and gold vermeil?

Every day in the world of jewelry, new techniques are discovered that help create durable materials at a very affordable cost. One of them is Gold Vermeil.

Learn what silver is, what Gold Vermeil is and why you need Gold Vermeil in your jewelry box.

Chains made with Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a very new material that is being incorporated into the jewelery world in recent years. Discover what it is, its relationship with 925 Silver and why you should buy it and get ahead of the jewelry market.

Meet the new materials for your jewelry with a unique price-quality ratio!


1. What is Silver

Silver is a chemical element of the periodic table represented by the letters Ag. It is a noble metal, grayish in color, shiny and malleable.

Hoop earrings made with 925 Silver

However, when we talk about silver in jewelry, we refer to 925 silver used in many jewelry, achieving a beautiful metallic shine effect. It is a name metal of great value and long durability.



2. What is Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is an alternative to pure or true Gold. It is considered that a jewel is made of Gold Vermeil when it has a base of the material that we have previously named, that is, 925 Silver, and that it has a bath of less than 10k. Usually, the gold plating is usually between 10 and 14 carats.

Thanks to this bath of few carats, the jewel will have a lower cost than a jewel with a gold bath of more carats and thanks to the quality of the Silver, it will not only have a more affordable price, but, with proper care, the jewel will have a long durability over time.

Hoop earrings made with Gold Vermeil

This type of gold plating is very new, so we encourage you to learn more about the properties of Gold Vermeil. In addition, another curious aspect of Gold Vermeil is that it has a better appearance than other types of baths, coming to look like pure gold.


3. Origin Gold Vermeil

The Gold Vermeil plating technique was born in Italy, a place of passion for jewelry in the face of the growing demand for jewelry at an affordable price with greater durability.

Artisan jewelry families have been transmitting this technique through generations, until it spread and was exported to the United States, a country that popularized Gold Vermeil.

pure gold nugget

4. Differences between gold plating and gold vermeil

The 2 main differences between a general gold plating and Gold Vermeil are: the thickness of the gold plating and the base metal for the plating.

As we have already indicated, in the case of Gold Vermeil, 925 Silver is used, while in the rest copper, brass, nickel, etc. can be used.

As for the thickness of Gold, in the case of Gold Vermeil it is usually much finer than in the rest, since usually the gold plating for long durability usually varies between 18 and 22 carats while in Gold Vermeil it is between 10 and 14 karat


5. How long does Gold Vermeil last?

The durability of Gold Vermeil will depend on the thickness of the gold, the thicker the more durable, as well as the care. Taking a bath with this material on should be avoided, as well as the use of perfumes and creams that come into contact with it.


6. Clean Gold Vermeil

Avoid bleach and cleaning products when cleaning your jewelry with Gold Vermeil.

To clean Gold Vermeil, we recommend using a damp cloth with a little soap at room temperature and then drying the jewel completely with a dry cloth.


Surely, today you have learned a new gold plating technique in jewelry that you could not miss. We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about this technique.


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