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Discover the types of pearls

Did you know that there are different types of pearls? Yes, we can find several types of pearls in the world that can be very different from each other.

Everything you need to know about the types of pearls that exist around the world. 

Most of us all have a piece, a unique piece of jewelry made with pearls, that reminds us of unique people or very special moments. Today we tell you everything you need to know what kind of pearl you have!


Come with us to know the pearls that exist, we promise you that it will be very interesting.


1. Natural pearls

In the first place, we find natural pearls. Natural pearls are all those that have a marine origin.

They are usually found in places near the coast, inside mollusks. These pearls can vary in color depending on the type of mollusk that houses them: from grayish to a very bright white. 

Natural white pearl


2. Freshwater pearls or freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls, known worldwide as freshwater pearls, are pearls that have formed in rivers and lakes.

Ninety percent of these pearls are produced in lakes and rivers in China, although in recent years the United States has begun to breed these mollusks to obtain a supply of these pearls.

These freshwater pearls are characterized by having an irregular shape, in the jewelry market they have been named as baroque pearls.

Freshwater pearl freshwater pearl 

3. Artificial pearls

Artificial pearls are the latest news. Due to the great demand for pearls, man himself has managed to create artificial pearls through materials such as resin.

Its appearance can be more yellowish, less shiny and with a certain plastic look, however, its low price means that the production of artificial pearls continues to represent a large market.

Artificial pearls or plastic beads 

4. Australian pearls

Australian pearls are a type of natural stone found exclusively in Oceania, especially in Australia.

This kind of pearls are so famous because they are the most valued pearls in the market due to their great brightness, color and hardness. The creation time in mollusks is usually long, between 5 to 10 years, which increases their value.

Australian pearl type detail 

5. Tahiti pearls

Tahiti pearls are cultivated in French Polynesia. They are very special pearls that are characterized by not being white. Most commonly these pearls are grayish, but orange, golden, green and even black have also been found.

Tahiti Pearl


Wow, isn't it amazing how many different types of pearls there are? We are fascinated by stones, and that's why we love to collect all the details about the materials we use at LAVANI Jewels. What is your most special pearl jewelry? Discover our !


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