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Which earrings suit my haircut and hair type?

Earrings are the most used accessory by women, there are thousands of models and styles, that is why we must pay attention and choose the earring that best suits us.

Discover the earrings that suit you according to your haircut and hair type. 

There are many factors that we can take into account when choosing the ideal earrings, but in today's blog we will focus on one: Which earrings suit me according to my haircut?

Earrings for short hair, for long hair, for different hair colors? Discover all the tips and choose the most flattering earrings from LAVANI Jewels!

Let's start with our recommendations for earrings that suit your hair type!


For short hair, the earrings that look best are the earrings glued to the ear, the climbing earrings and the piercings to combine in the different holes.

Climbing earrings are the short hair earrings par excellence as they go up your ear dressing it completely. These earrings are attached, so they do not protrude through your hair and will look great for short hair, even for girls with very short hair.

earrings for short hair

On the LAVANI Jewels website you will find several styles of climbing earrings, but on the occasion of the arrival of summer we want to present you the Mouette climbing. This 18k gold plated climbing earring design is inspired by the waves of the sea and has a very comfortable adaptable clasp. A gold-plated piece with white zirconia that will make you shine on summer nights.

If you have several holes in your ear you can combine short earrings and piercings with our sets. The white piercing set contains the Alba Climber, the Selene Piercing and the Mindy White Piercing.

Fill your ear with sparkle with these white zirconia designs!


The bob haircut is a trend year after year, but over time it has been transformed and adapted to different styles and types of hair.

The classic version of the bob is a chin-length bob, a short women's haircut that is especially flattering for those with straight hair.

The most elegant way to wear this haircut is to comb the ends of the hair inwards, so that the hair is straight and with a very sophisticated finish. In the photo we can see the influencer Alexandra Pereira with short hair in the classic bob style.

earrings for short bob hair

For this type of hairstyle we recommend earrings with simple designs with a medium size, with geometric shapes and that keep the balance with the shape of your hair.

If you have straight hair and wear a half bob, theKasia earringstitlewith natural stones in blue colortitle will be perfect for you. These earrings for short hair are ideal to wear every day because they have a simple and elegant design. In addition, the Kasia earrings have a different touch thanks to the carved stones in its central part, you can find the model in three different tones.


Natural is in fashion, which is why more and more women are deciding to leave dyes behind and wear their natural hair color.

Hair in white and gray tones are becoming more and more popular, there are even women who despite not having gray hair decide to dye their hair in these colors as it has been shown that far from aging, it looks great!

LAVANI Jewels earrings for short white hair

For very short white women's hair the most flattering earrings will be the small ones in cool and blue colors, for example, the Shera Aquamarine earrings. They have a simple and minimalist design with geometric shapes and fit the lobe perfectly. Their combination of blue, yellow and white colors is ideal for girls with silver, white or gray hair.


In this section we show you the most daring haircuts options, for those who love risk and are thinking about dyeing their hair in a thousand colors... we show you the craziest options!

perfect color shaved hair for LAVANI earrings

Shaved colored hair is an option that we have seen on runways and for which many celebrities opt for, do you remember Miley Cyrus? Her ash blonde hair looked spectacular on her. If you are going to dare with this option discover the "earcuff" earrings, piercing type earrings that you can wear without a hole. Eclair earcuff is a very elegant piece with a white zirconia stone that will look great on you. We also love the with chain for this hair style!


If you are one of those who have long hair and waves in the style of Sara Carbonero, you should know that the type of earrings that best suit this type of hair are XL earrings, large hoops, and extravagant designs.

sara carbonero with waves hairstyle

hoops are the most flattering hoop earrings. They are golden, large and perfect for your most special events, they are also formed by multiple laurel leaves and plated in 22k gold.

Another option is long earrings with stones. Long hair usually covers the face and tends to have a lot of volume, so large earrings that attract attention will be the most appropriate to complete your look. We present you Portobello earrings, long earrings with colored stones that will fill you with joy and light.


For blondes we present jewelry with stones in dark tones that will highlight your skin color and will contrast with the light tone of your hair. The colors of earrings that flatter blonde hair are black and dark blue.

earrings that flatter blond hair

black Mars earrings are XL earrings very elegant and ideal for blonde girls who need the perfect complement for a guest look. These earrings are made up of two pieces with a lot of movement and two central black stones.


For an updo such as a high ponytail, the most flattering earrings are long and thin. For example, Kuzco earrings. These earrings have fringed chains decorated with multicolored stones. Thanks to the bright colors of these earrings you will get a fun and colorful look.

earrings for updo hair


We hope it has helped you and that you have obtained the answer to the big question... which earrings suit me? In addition to taking into account the shape and cut of your hair when choosing earrings, it is also interesting to pay attention to the shape of your face. If you want to become an expert and always wear the most flattering earrings you can read the blog "How to choose earrings according to the shape of your face".


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