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What is the meaning of the crescent shaped pendant

The crescent is one of the most magical and beautiful shapes that exist. That is why it is used for a multitude of aspects such as art, symbolism, fashion and of course, jewelry.

Discover the meaning of pendants with a crescent shaped bead 

Half moon pendants are one of the necklaces that you can easily find in the jewelry market. And the fact is that this special shape has an equally incredible meaning as its appearance.


Motherhood and nature
    Good fortune
      3. Love
        4. Work

        Discover the true meaning of the crescent moon and why you can't miss a crescent pendant in your jewelry box.


        Motherhood and nature

        The crescent in ancient Egypt represented the goddess Isis, symbol of maternity and birth.

        One of the most beautiful meanings of crescent moon pendants are these, motherhood, natality and nature.

        Good fortune

        Another meaning of crescent shaped pendants is fortune.

        It is said that the half moon is able to attract luck, being a very enriching amulet.

         Pendant half moon means good fortune


        3. Love

        The moon has always been a symbol of lovers and passion.

        Therefore, one of the meanings linked to crescent necklaces is love.

        Gold plated crescent pendant 

        4. Work

        A symbol of the crescent applied to the world of work is that crescent pendants give the wearer the ability to make wise decisions and follow the right path.

        Half moon pendant with meaning for work


        As you have already seen, the crescent pendant is essential for a full and healthy life, so don't worry if you don't have yours yet!

        At LAVANI, we have a crescent-shaped gold pendant that's perfect for you. It's a pendant made with a long-lasting gold plating and Moonstone - you'll love it even more!

        Don't miss the opportunity of the meanings that come with having a crescent shaped pendant.


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