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What is goldsmithing?

The art of handcrafted handmade jewelry is a profession that has existed for centuries, and today it is a unique and special process...

Do you know Goldsmithing, its meaning, definition and tradition?

Discover with us the spectacular work of goldsmiths.

1. What is goldsmithing: meaning and definition

Goldsmithing is the art of making jewelry, objects, ornaments and accessories handmade, in a traditional way, from precious metals or alloys.

In fact, the word goldsmithery comes from Latin, it is the sum of aurum and faber or fabri meaning "gold" and "craftsman or worker" respectively; and the verb facere, which is synonymous with "to make". Therefore, we can deduce that goldsmith means gold made by a craftsman.

 Goldsmithing meaning and definition

2. What is a goldsmith

Who is behind the goldsmith pieces? The goldsmith, who is the professional who uses artisanal techniques and specialized tools to achieve the use of precious metals in sculptures, jewelry, utensils and, in general, art.

Goldsmithing is a craft that dates back many centuries, and that today, despite being a craft on the verge of extinction, there are still goldsmiths who dedicate their lives to carving precious metals and making art. Also, the goldsmiths try to instill this traditional craft and craftsmanship to the next generations.

 Goldsmith definition

3. Handcrafted goldsmithing

Goldsmithing is located in the discipline of plastic arts because it uses metals to give different shapes to the pieces to be made.

Formerly, the goldsmith worked the pieces in gold, silver or copper, nowadays, other alloys are also used in the process. It is very common that, for example, for jewelry such as fallera dressings made by goldsmiths, plated brass is used.

Today's goldsmiths appeal to numerous decorative techniques to create true works of art. Each piece created by the goldsmith is unique and personalized, so betting on goldsmithing is betting on tradition, craftsmanship, detail and care in each piece.

 Jewelry goldsmithing

4. Techniques used by goldsmiths

As for the craft techniques used by the goldsmiths, we find the following:


Annealing consists of the softening of the metal by the action of heat, while working it tends to harden when hammered, bent, or rolled.


It consists of heating the metal until it becomes liquid and then pouring it into a mold.


Engraving, a system in which the surface of the metal is traced in order to obtain ornamental areas and drawings.


With the filing process, the goldsmith finishes giving the exact shape to the pieces, while unifying and finishing surfaces and edges, eliminating excess material.


It is a punching procedure, in which a raised or sunken decorative design or pattern is created on a sheet of brass, bronze, aluminum, gold or silver.

Goldsmith trade meaning

Now that you know the world of goldsmithing, you will be able to appreciate each unique and special piece handmade by goldsmiths.


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