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what is a chaton

In the world of jewelry, there are many concepts unknown to the population or a specific vocabulary that we do not know what it means exactly. One of these concepts is the word: chaton.

What is chaton and what does the word chaton mean in jewelry.

The chaton is a type of soldering that we are going to talk about in more depth in the following lines. It is a very elegant and sophisticated type of decoration from France that has been used for many years.

We show you what a chaton is and we show you jewelry made with chaton so that you can understand what this concept is.

Chaton coin pendant


1. What is a chaton

The word chaton comes from the French "chaton", a word that means mouthpiece translated into Spanish.

Chaton is a type of setting, i.e. a way of attaching stones to chains without any attachment. We could say that it is a type of soldering that allows the chain and the detail to be joined in a clean way.

Today, the chaton is also known as a "bezel" setting. This type of setting is a metal ring that surrounds the stone and bends slightly behind it.

Bracelets with chaton


It should be noted that chaton is not only one of the most widely used settings, but chaton is one of the safest settings on the jewelry market, so it is very likely that you have this type of setting in your jewelry box.


2. Jewelry with chaton setting

Jewelry with chaton setting cannot be missing in your jewelry box, as they are a symbol of quality and long-lasting jewelry, a jewel for life.

Model with chaton pendant

In addition, this type of setting brings a lot of elegance and sophistication to the jewel because its weights are hidden thanks to the chaton system.

We show you our favorite chaton-set jewelry from LAVANI Jewels.

Necklaces in which chaton is used:


Bracelets with chaton:


Have you already understood what a chaton is? Now you know a little more about this type of jewelry technique. Would you like to know more about jewelry concepts? Don't hesitate to leave us your suggestions!


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