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How do I know what colors of clothes suit me?

Getting the color of your clothes right not only results in creating a flattering outfit, it can also help you conceal dark circles or imperfections and brighten your skin. Plus, the psychology of color can help you show who you really are.

Do you know what colorimetry is and the role it can play in your outfits? What colors suit you best? Dare to find out!


Today at LAVANI we show you how you can take advantage of the potential of colors according to your features or your skin tone. Find out all about colorimetry!

1. Colorimetry in clothing

Colorimetry can become a real filter for our image, as it helps us to highlight our features and conceals many imperfections. In this way, colorimetry can help us to get it right not only with our clothes but also with decoration or makeup. But how? This science studies qualitatively and quantitatively the perception of colors, so it becomes a very useful tool. 

Thus, if we know our skin tone, we will know which color palette will make us stand out and convey the vitality we desire.

But even if colorimetry helps us, remember that the important thing is that we feel comfortable and ourselves with our look!

2. How to know your colorimetry

Do you want to know which colors are the most flattering for you? Surely you've seen those videos where stylists approach various colors to a face and how from one color to another, the features are more or less favored. Well, if you want to do it yourself, the first thing you should know is that not only your skin tone is taken into account, but also the color of your eyes or hair.

To know if your skin tone is warm or cool, you will have to do it in a room with good light and with a clean face. If with warm tones such as yellow, red or orange your features are harmonized and your expression is highlighted, those are your colors. But if the opposite is true, your color palette is cold tones, that is, blues, greens, silvers and purples will suit you wonderfully.

In addition to your skin tone, the color of your eyes will make certain colors more flattering. With light eyes, warm tones will make them stand out more; but if your eyes are brown, darker, it's best to opt for cool tones.

Finally, the color of your hair is another aspect to take into account when defining your color scheme. With a dark mane, bright and shiny tones will make you stand out; but with blonder and lighter hair, pastel tones will be a very good option.

Although all of the above will make it much easier for you to discover your colorimetry, it is best to try different color palettes and experiment with different shades. So, don't hesitate and try on several outfits with different shades and choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable!

3. Color palettes

To determine your colorimetry, you need to understand how color palettes are classified. As we have already seen there are warmer and cooler shades, but those are further divided into the four seasons. The cooler temperatures are divided into winter and summer, while the warmer ones are associated with the autumn and spring seasons. 

colorimetry stations


Winter people like Bella Hadid are better suited to bright and strong tones, such as navy blue, pink or black, as they have a cooler skin tone. In addition, they tend to have great contrast in eye color, skin tone and hair.

winter colors colorimetry

So if you are one of them, the perfect jewelry for you will be in silver tones, white gold and diamonds. So some like the La Plage Silver Earrings or the Nirelle will be your earrings.



Summer people like Barbara Palvin have cool skin tones and soft features, so pastel colors in shades of pinks, greens and blues will look great.

summer color colorimetry

The ideal jewelry will be in pink and matte silver tones, so you will get it right with pink earrings such as Amal or Persia.



If like Blake Lively you are a spring person, your features will be more delicate, so warm and intense colors like yellows, browns or oranges will be your best option.

spring colors colorimetry

The accessories that will favor you the most will be in bright shades of yellow gold and bronze. In this case, the Sadie Coin or the Thelma Tierra will give you a unique touch.



Finally, autumn people like Julia Roberts look much better in earthy tones such as browns and dark greens.

autumn colors colorimetry

Their warm skin looks tanned all year round, so the most flattering jewelry for them is in gold and bronze tones. Earrings like the or the green Liliana earrings will give you great luminosity.

Now that you know how to choose your color palette and the importance of colorimetry in your image, you will be able to stand out in all your events with your outfit. You will be able to create different combinations that suit you, so dare and enter The Lavazine to discover which earrings match the color of your look, whether it is blue, black or yellow.


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