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Colors that are trending this season 2023

Being part of a sector such as jewelry in which jewelry, in most cases, is a true reflection of the people who wear them, it is not surprising how all those fashion lovers, as soon as the first day of the year arrives, research on what will be the main trend colors.

Do you want to know what will be the trend colors for 2023?

Fashion color trends 2023

Because if jewelry speaks for those who wear it, so does clothing. Because wearing trendy colors is the insignia of those who value the world of fabrics and seams and all that they express. It is the pride of being part of the incredible world of fashion.

Enter our blog and discover the main colors that will be trending this 2023!

1. Viva magenta

If we talk about the trends and fashion colors of 2023, we cannot start with any other than our energetic and intense Viva Magenta color.

Viva Magenta is an intense and vibrant color that lies in the spectrum between red and blue. It is characterized as a striking, bright and powerful color, associated with creativity, passion and energy. One might think that it has a certain pinkish tendency. However, it is such a special color that it even has purple or violet shades that give it a sense of mystery and sophistication.

Vivid magenta color trends 2023

It should be noted that Viva Magenta has multiple variants, ranging from soft and subtle shades to darker and richer tones.

Being a color with enough strength in itself, you have to be careful about the colors with which you combine it because, if you go too flashy, you can give rise to looks with colors that are too colorful and overloaded. Some color hits with which you can combine it are:

  • White: It serves to soften the intense effect of Viva Magenta and allows you to create a combination in very elegant strawberry tones.
  • Black: It intensifies the effect of Viva Magenta and creates a stylish and sophisticated combination.
  • Gray: It gives Magenta a more elegant look, creating a modern and timeless combination.
  • Green: Being shades such as mint green or aqua green, it will allow you to create fresh and energetic combinations.
  • Blue: Being sky blue or light blue, it will allow you to create calmer and calmer combinations.

In front of this beautiful color, we recommend earrings like our Thar Ruby earrings or our Kasia Ruby earringsearrings, which can be combined with pieces like our our ring and our Stardust bracelet!


Red is one of the incredible primary colors par excellence that could not be missing among our incredible list of trending colors for 2023. While it has always been a very popular color and increasingly used on the catwalks and in fashion in general, this 2023 has come with the intention of becoming one of the trend colors par excellence.

One of the amazing things about red is its fascinating versatility. With a wide range of shades and a world of sensation to share in its wake, this incredible and vibrant color will serve you as well for a classic and sophisticated look as it will for a modern and transgressive one.

Its energetic, strong and eye-catching airs are perfect for those who love fashion and style and are dedicated to evoking their greatest confidence with their garments, while adding that little touch of drama.

Red color trend 2023

However, we know that sometimes, even for fashion lovers, red can be too much. That's why another way to use it is through eye-catching accessories that will give our look that perfect touch!

Like Viva Magenta, red is already a strong enough color to overdo it. Therefore, some options with which it is possible to combine it are:

  • White: With this clean and fresh color, you will give your look that elegant and sophisticated air.
  • Black: As with the Viva Magenta, black will allow the red to stand out for bold, groundbreaking looks.
  • Gray: Being such a versatile color as gray is, with it together with red, you will achieve modern and sophisticated looks.
  • Beige: It is a soft and neutral look that can be your best ally when you want to find a color to combine red with.
  • Navy blue: Such a professional and elegant closet background will be perfect to combine with any shade of red.

For red, without a doubt, alternatives like our red stone earrings Lika Red earrings or our burgundy Blume earrings they will be a safe bet!

3. Orange

Although it is true that few people sometimes bet on orange, it will undoubtedly be another of the big trend colors this spring-summer. And, with such a clean, fresh and cheerful energy that this color transmits, it is not surprising that, in the list of trendy colors of 2023, orange is among them.

Orange color trend for this spring-summer 2023

Although this beautiful and energetic color is usually present in the accessories that people wear such as bags and shoes, the truth is that more and more garments are being made to wear it. Thanks to this, we are able to see it in dresses, tops, as well as the most fashionable and summery pants!

Colors like this that exude vitality and positivism, the ideal is to combine them with other colors such as white, blue, green, pink and yellow. With them, you will get colorful and attractive combinations with which to conquer anyone this spring-summer 2023!

In the case of orange, jewelry such as our Olivenza headbandheadband, our cinema earrings earrings or our incredible orange Aspa waist chainwill be the ideal options to match any look you want!

4. Pastel colors

Fourth, but not least, another of the many trends that will dominate this spring-summer 2023 will be soft and delicate tones: our dear and beloved pastel shades. By them, we mean shades such as soft pinks, blues, greens, as well as yellows and purples.

We are especially fans of these colors because with them you will get subtle and feminine colors that evoke the spring colors of flowers, as well as the bright shades of clear skies, with which you will succeed for sure.

Trendy pastel colors for 2023

Also, being such versatile alternatives, they can be used to create multiple outfits ranging from classic and sophisticated to more everyday looks.

For the pastel colors, as they are less ornate alternatives, simple jewelry such as our enigmatic Amal or our The Justice earringsearrings, paired with any of our Courant Courant rings o La plagerings, they will be a sure bet!

5. White

Finally, the spring-summer color trend every year: our beloved white. A color as fresh, simple and pure as this never goes out of style. Timeless and elegant like no other, it has become the most popular trend of all seasons, whether in summer to give a fresh and clean look, or in winter to get that minimalist style.

White color trend for this spring-summer 2023

In addition, being such the versatility and elegance of this color, alternatives such as prints or bright or pastel tones, will be the best option to combine it with.

For shades of white, nothing like our Verbena collection Verbena collection collection, full of color to match your trendy spring-summer look!

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