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The story of Rose's necklace in Titanic

When you think of Titanic, the romance between Rose and Jack comes to mind, but we found a third protagonist that does not go unnoticed...

Who doesn't remember the spectacular necklace worn by Rose in Titanic?

We reveal the whole story behind the Heart of the Sea.

1. Rose's Necklace in Titanic: Heart of the Sea

Titanic tells the story of two lovers who meet aboard the world's largest ocean liner in America in 1912 and who have very different origins: Jack and Rose.

The main character, Rose, receives as a gift from her fiancé Caledon the stunning blue diamond necklace: the Heart of the Sea.

In the movie, this luxurious jewel belonged to Louis XVI, and consisted of a blue diamond surrounded by smaller colorless diamonds.

But is it all fiction? The jewel that Rose wears in the movie was not a real blue diamond necklace, the Heart of the Sea is a jewel created for Titanic that is made of zirconia and plated in white gold, with an approximate value of 8,000€.

History of Rose's necklace in Titanic

2. Heart of the Sea inspired by real life

Does the Heart of the Sea exist in real life? The answer is no, just like the romance between Rose and Jack, the Heart of the Sea was a jewel created for the movie, but that does not mean that it is not inspired by jewels that are real and have a lot of history behind them.


Hope Diamond

The first jewel we found is the Hope diamond, a 42.52 carat royal blue diamond created in the 17th century, it is considered one of the most valuable jewels in the world. The blue diamond is surrounded by other colorless diamonds of lesser size, and its real value is around 300 million dollars.

This jewel has a history of its own, the Hope diamond is said to be cursed since it was stolen from the temple in honor of the goddess Sita. This curse has haunted all its possessors, ending their lives in a suspicious and tragic way.

In relation to the film, Rose lives a tragic love story and we can understand that as an adult she threw this precious jewel into the sea so that her family would not suffer and end the curse. The Heart of the Sea returns to its origin and closes a period of suffering.

In real life and to this day, this jewel remains at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, in the Harry Winston Pavilion, and the curse does not affect those who visit it.

 Rose's royal necklace in Titanic

Pendant by Kate Phillips

This pendant did indeed come to be present inside the real Titanic, not the fictional one, as can be seen it is also a blue stone surrounded by small brilliants, although of a much smaller size than the Heart of the Sea.

It belonged to a passenger named Kate Phillips, whose love story with her boss piqued the interest of James Cameron, director of the movie Titanic, and inspired the love story between Rose, Jack and the iconic necklace.

Kate worked in a store in England owned by Henry, a married man with children. The two fell in love and eloped on the royal Titanic to start a new life together. The famous blue pendant was a gift Henry gave Kate.

When the Titanic sank, Kate survived and Henry had drowned next to the pendant.

 Heart of the Sea Real Life Necklace

This pendant reminds us of the René from our Lumière collection.

3. Real jewelry that reminds us of Rose's necklace in Titanic.

The Heart of the Sea has been a source has been an icon, and nothing else can come to mind when we admire important jewelry such as, for example, Kate Middleton's engagement ring: a ring with a sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds, inherited from Diana of Wales and loaded with meaning.

Inspiration from Rose's royal necklace in Titanic

We at LAVANI also have blue jewelry that remind us of the Heart of the Sea from Titanic, such as the the René Blue or the Alisa Blue Pendant.

Titanic Rose NecklaceRose on Titanic necklace


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