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The 5 most popular choker necklace models

Something curious as well as magnificent about the world of fashions is that, although they are sometimes ephemeral and elusive, the luck is that they leave and come back.

Discover the 5 most sought-after choker necklaces!

Choker rinaldi gold Lavani

If we talk about the main benefits of the choker, one to highlight is its enormous versatility. Thanks to the multitude of materials with which they are made, as well as the different shapes they can have, chokers have become a potential ally with which to complete all our looks. Enter our blog and discover the 5 best types of chokers glued to the neck most sought after!

1. Classic Choker

If you are the type of person who prefers to play it safe and feels more comfortable with your trusted gold-plated or silver jewelry, this is the section for you.

This type of chokers are characterized by being primarily simple pieces that seek elegance and beauty through the theory of "less is more". In addition, given the incredible popularity of this type of chokers attached to the neck, the options of simple and classic chokers that are open to us are countless: silver, gold, thin, thick ... you just have to stop for a second and find the one that best suits us!

At LAVANI, we would recommend you alternatives such as our Jasmine choker or our Rhapsody pendant.

The Jasmine choker is one of the best alternatives to go simple but ideal to the office. It is characterized by fitting perfectly to your neck without being heavy or overwhelming. In addition, it is produced with stones such as Zirconia, Moonstone and Labradorite that, thanks to its brightness and color, will enhance and brighten all your features.

Likewise, alternatives such as our Rhapsody pendant, will be the perfect option to succeed wherever you go! This pendant is made up of three different chains and linked together, it manages to provide that casual and distinctive touch, ideal for any holiday season or even for everyday wear.

2. Fabric choker

If we talk about simple chokers, we can't forget to comment on the incredible fabric chokers that are becoming more and more fashionable. These incredible chokers are mainly made of fabric or rope and are often embellished with sequins or with incredible geometric shapes that give them that sophisticated air, but without losing that casual look.

This type of choker is incredibly versatile as well as comfortable and has become over time with the perfect choice with which to go to work, to a casual lunch or any other occasion in which to dress with a casual style.

3. Choker with stones


This was one of the decisions we had to consider when we started producing this type of necklace, with stones or without stones?

Since LAVANI's roots are based on local, elegant and quality production, we found the possibility to continue using the stones that we liked the most to bring that touch of elegance and color to all the choker designs that came to our minds.

Thanks to this, we manage to produce amazing pieces like our Niagara multicolor choker multicolor Niagara choker produced with Chalcedony, Citrine and quartz crystal that, thanks to its simple and sophisticated design, allows you to combine it in the way you prefer and wear it both on your most special occasions and during the day.

In the same way, we could not fail to mention the amazing necklace attached to the neck. Riviere Victoire produced with Zirconite, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Green Quartz Crystal and Tourmaline that thanks to its brilliance and vintage style, will be the perfect complement to any of your best moments!

4. Choker of beads

For us, this is our favorite type of choker. Being the beads something that seems to have accompanied us since we were little girls, the truth is that finding real wonders of chokers attached to the neck combined with this type of materials seems to us simply amazing and exciting at the same time.

In our case, we would recommend this type of choker to all those who, without attracting too much attention, like to wear that touch of style and color in the jewelry with which they complete their favorite looks.

And, best of all, it is this type of fashionable chokers are not simply framed for formal or informal events, but depending greatly on the aesthetics and the processes and designs through which they have been produced, you can find amazing alternatives for both daytime for the office and for an evening out with friends.

Within this category, we couldn't talk about any other piece than our incredible Liliana Choker Liliana Chokerproduced in both blue and green. This is, in everyone's eyes, the crown jewel of our choker collection. Gold plated and produced with spectacular stones such as Lapis Lazuli or Peridot, these are some of our most handcrafted and different pieces with which you will shine more than ever.

5. Special Chokers

Last but not least, the growth and development of this type of fashionable choker around the neck has inevitably led to the emergence of totally different and bizarre models that cross the boundaries of what, until now, had been experienced and understood as a choker.

Types of chokers larger than usual, with huge letters and asymmetrical shapes that stand, since we see them, as the perfect jewelry.

And, in this, LAVANI has not lagged behind. Options like our Judy Choker is the jewel in the crown. A spectacular handcrafted piece produced by the hand of our best manufacturers and plated in 22k gold that will leave anyone breathless. The commitment to organic, natural, different and handmade jewelry. For the elegance and beauty of the different. For always going beyond our own frontiers.

Likewise, alternatives such as our Rinaldi choker or our Burn our money necklace are further proof of this.

If you want to find out more about all the types of chokers we have, as well as the pendants you can combine them with, enter https://lavanijewels.com/collections/chokers and discover our amazing collection as well as all the alternatives with which you can complete your look!


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