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Jewelry Trends 2023

Jewelry trends are constantly changing, and in the year 2023 we are going to find many surprises. From big and flashy pieces to more discreet and minimalist designs.

Want to know what jewelry trends 2023 has in store for you?

If you want to be trendy in the world of jewelry, don't miss the trends that will arrive in 2023!

1. Flowers

Flowers everywhere! Flowers are going to mark a before and after in the trends of 2023. Haven't you seen any flower choker in networks yet? You are late, this 2023 flowers are going to be a trend in all its forms: flower necklaces, chokers, flower earrings, rings...

And flowers are not going to be a trend only in spring, they will be all year long! Winter included, yes.

 Flowers, jewelry trends 2023

2. XXL Rings

rings are going to be a must this year, if you want to be trendy you can't miss XXL rings in your hands.

This trend is a style statement to wear both on a daily basis and on special occasions. You can find them in different styles and materials... Our favorites are the gold XXL rings!

 XXL rings, jewelry trends 2023

3. Shoulder-length earrings

This 2023 long earrings are not going to be a trend, we go to a higher level, earrings to the shoulder. A bold and striking trend to give an extra personality to our looks.

The shoulder-length earrings can be found with bangs, colored stones, shells, hoops with pendants, and many more combinations that will leave us speechless.

 shoulder length earrings, jewelry trends 2023


The chokers came on strong last year, and this trend is going to be very, very present also in 2023.

Chokers have become an essential part of many looks, these necklaces have been seen in fashion shows and on the catwalks of the biggest fashion brands...

Who would have thought that this 90's trend would become a must-have in our jewelry boxes?

 chokers, jewelry trends 2023

5. Mysticism

Welcome to mysticism as a trend in 2023, take a leap into the unknown to experience what lies between reality and imagination.

It is a trend to bring the to jewelry, we will see it in , jewelry related to the stars, the horoscope and the .

 tarot, mysticism and other jewelry trends 2023

6. 2000 style chains

Everything is back, and it's the turn of the , in the pure 2000's style. Hated and loved in equal parts by many of us, but, at the end of the day, it is a basic, a jewelry box background that can not miss.

Now, reinvented, with new designs, but with the essence of the 2000's, will you join this jewelry trend 23 years later?

 2000 style chains, jewelry trends 2023

7. Gems

Natural stones and pearls are once again at the top of jewelry trends. Both for their aesthetics and for the meaning of many of them, natural stones are going to be everywhere!

Discover the stones linked to your birth month, and how they influence you. This jewelry trend for 2023 is the one we love the most!

 natural stones, jewelry trends 2023

What do you think about what's in store for jewelry in 2023? We can't wait!


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