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Sodalite and its properties

With its intense blue color, sodalite is one of the most valuable stones in the world of jewelry. Although they are not as popular and flashy, there are other shades such as white, green or yellow.

Discover everything about sodalite and its properties!

Today at LAVANI we tell you everything you need to know about this precious mineral and why it has such a characteristic shape.

Keep reading to enter the world of this stone!

1. Sodalite

This deep blue mineral is an aluminosilicate and its compact form originates from cracks in rocks. It is considered a gem and due to its characteristic coloration, it is usually used in the manufacture of pendant necklaces, etc. It can also be seen in decorative elements such as sculptures. As it is a relatively soft stone, it is advisable to treat it carefully so as not to damage and scratch it.

Sodalite can be found in deposits in Brazil, the United States, Russia, China and South Africa.

sodalite blue stone

Did you know that its high value in collecting is due to the difficulty of finding specimens in crystallized form in nature?


2. Meaning of sodalite

Although the origin of the name of this mineral comes from its high sodium content, it also has a very curious Latin etymological origin. Sodalites in Latin means " mate " and this is due to how it occurs in groups or companies of crystals. In addition, its name is also associated with the communicative properties that this stone possesses, which makes it a very good "companion".

sodalite stone

The first person to call sodalite as such was Jean-Baptiste Dumas in 1806, a French mineralogist describing a blue stone found in Greenland.


3. Sodalite properties

As for the metaphysical properties of this stone, the most common are associated communication and expression, since it allows you to better express thoughts and emotions with the rest. Also, it is a mineral that will help you eliminate mental confusion, boosting self-acceptance and self-confidence.

In addition, another of the benefits of sodalite is that it helps understanding and it is believed that it can encourage people's creativity when it comes to finding new ideas.

There are also healing properties, as it is associated with the throat chakra and it is said that this stone can help balance and cleanse it.

If you want to take this stone with you and that it brings you all its benefits, there is no better way than with the Mora Sodalite Ring . This unique hand-carved piece will boost your communication skills and give you that mental clarity you are looking for.

4. Curious facts about sodalite

Surely you did not know about hackmanite, a variety of this gem that has a very special characteristic. Hackmanite changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light, that is, it is phosphorescent, since it can go from blue to pink, violet or white. This variety was discovered in the Kola Peninsula (Russia), although deposits have subsequently been found in other places.

hackmanite stone variety sodalite

Another curiosity about sodalite is that, due to its intense blue color, it has historically been used as a source of pigments. With these natural pigments a very characteristic shine and luminosity effect is achieved.

Finally, in many cases sodalite has been confused with other minerals such as lapis lazuli due to its similar appearance and the presence of lazurite among its components. If you want to know more about lapis lazuli and many other blue stones , enter our blog post and dare to discover it!

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