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Which ring to wear according to the shape of your hand

There is a false belief that rings only look good on a type of hands whose fingers are elongated and thin, but today we are here to disprove it. Every hand is perfect, and believe it or not, it has a ring that stylizes it and fits perfectly.

Want to find out what type of ring you should wear based on the shape of your hand?

In this post we give you tips to find your ideal ring!

1. Rings for small vs. large hands

When choosing a ring, we must take into account the size of our hands, and be aware of whether we have a small hand or a large hand. Normally, the size of the hand is proportional to the height of the body.

Small hands

Rings that tend to look best on small hands are those that have a smaller, more delicate design can help balance the proportion of the hand and make it appear larger and more sophisticated.

rings for small hands

Large hands

Conversely, if your hands are large, the best option is to pick up rings accordingly: bulky rings with a larger, more eye-catching design. Large rings with prominent stones or details can help balance the proportion of the hand and make the fingers appear longer and more elegant.

rings for big hands

2. Rings for short vs. elongated fingers

Not only the size of the hand is important, but also the length of the fingers, which will determine which rings to choose to give an elegant and beautiful effect.

Short fingers

Normally, if we have shorter fingers, we will look for rings that give an effect of length, in this case, we will opt for thin and simple rings, and in case of having a design, this has to be long and vertical.

Another option is to look for teardrop or pear-shaped rings, but never wide rings, with round stones or complex designs, as these are the least flattering for this type of hand.

Also, if your fingers are short, don't wear rings on your little finger as they make your hands look even smaller.

rings for short fingers

Elongated fingers

People with such elongated fingers are fortunate to be able to wear virtually any type of ring.

It is easy to fit rings such as large rings and peculiar shapes, as well as different types of pearls or precious stones.

However, the best choice for a hand with elongated fingers are circular rings or rings with a horizontal design, as these give the sensation of decreasing the length of the fingers.

rings for elongated fingers

3. Thick vs. thin finger rings

When choosing a ring that stylizes the shape of your fingers, we have to take into account the thickness of the fingers, in this case, we will differentiate between thick and thin fingers, opting for completely different rings.

Thick fingers

To reduce the volume effect of thick fingers, avoid ostentatious rings, and opt for thin rings with simple details.

The best option is to choose rings that have asymmetrical designs, as they diminish the round appearance of the fingers, giving a more stylized hand.

rings for thick fingers

Thin fingers

In contrast to hands with thick fingers, this hand shape favors thick rings with stones to give the appearance of wider fingers. Whereas thin rings are lost on a hand with slender fingers.

rings for slender fingers

4. Tips for all hands

No matter what hand shape you have, we have a couple of tips to help you get the perfect hand.

When it comes to wearing rings on the same hand, you can wear them on the index finger, on the little finger or on any of the five. The only thing we have to take care is not to wear a ring similar to the wedding ring on the ring finger, so as not to confuse concepts.

On the other hand, we also have to take care that the rings match each other. For example, they should all be plated in the same color or they should all be made of gold or silver.

Finally, it is important to know the size of your fingers so that the ring fits the proportions of your hand and you find the appropriate one. If you are not quite sure, it is best to choose adjustable rings.

adjustable rings for all hands

Now that you know which ring to wear according to the shape of your hand, find the ring that suits you best at LAVANI!


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