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New Bridal Collection

Each of the pieces are beautiful and romantic. Ideal for any type of wedding, read on to discover this fabulous collection!


New Bridal collection arrives to look perfect


1. Bridal earrings

Our bridal earrings are perfect for any type of wedding. We have them in different sizes, colors and styles, let yourself go and choose your favorites!


1.1. Original bridal earrings

For those who are original, daring or want to stand out with a jewel on their wedding day, we bring you the Daphne. To make them look better, choose a matching hairstyle such as a ponytail or a chignon. These bridal earrings, with four cross-shaped stones forming a dragonfly, will look ideal. 

The Tourist White are the best! You can choose to wear them with the zirconia sphere or with the pearl pendants. They are very elegant and we recommend you to wear them with your hair back with beautiful waves. 


Some bridal earrings that, of course, will be different are the Zeus. They are composed of quartz druze and are an exclusive and precious piece that make these wedding earrings special. A well polished ballerina chignon is the hairstyle that will most favor this type of earrings. 


Long bridal earrings

1.2. Long bridal earrings

Palmira are a must in the jewelry box for the most dazzling brides. They have become the perfect large wedding earrings that make the bride's face radiate even more with the stone. 


The Justice Silver are our favorite! Their asymmetry and their composition of the moon, stars, sun and pearl represent balance, honesty and integrity. So they become the perfect silver wedding earrings for the big day. The white will shine ideal with the wedding dress. 

Another option for bridal earrings are the Thelma, which have very pretty stones to wear both day and night. If, in addition, you choose to wear a braid, the look will be perfect. We recommend you to read our blog "Wedding hairstyles" and choose the hairstyles that best suit each jewel. 


2. Bridal Chokers

If you love chokers and have a matching dress neckline to wear one, here we bring you the perfect piece. The Empress White has three gold chains together with six dangling white stones. It is the most daring bridal choker of our and it is wonderful to show off a spectacular neckline. 

In case you prefer something more discreet, the Riviere Zirconia is the most elegant classic bridal choker we have. It can also adorn your neck on your wedding day. We have it in fuchsia, gold and silver so you can choose the one you like and adorn your neck on your wedding day. 

On the other hand, the Silver is minimalist and sophisticated. It is inspired by the beauty of the lotus flower and is a very successful option for the most romantic ones. A tousled braid gives a great touch to this jewel. 


3. Bridal hair accessories

For the most modern brides and always in the latest trends, wearing a tiara on your wedding day is the most chic thing you can have. For that, we have designed the Pearl. It has two strings of white pearls that will make your favorite accessory help you shine more than anyone else. 


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