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Precious and semiprecious stones: names and significance

It is true that, if we were to ask the average user about the stones they know, they would most likely talk about stones such as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire... However, do they know anything about the meaning?

Enter our blog and discover the names of the different precious and semiprecious stones and their meaning!

Precious and semiprecious stones name and meaning

While there are people who believe a lot in all the mysticism and universes surrounding precious and semiprecious stones, as well as their multitude of meanings and properties, there are many people who, outside this world, still have much to learn. Therefore, today we show you some of the stones that we like the most!

1. Diamond

If you are looking for an interesting fact about diamond, here it is: diamond is the hardest mineral on earth and the reason for this hardness lies in the unique distribution and composition of its carbon atoms. It is precisely because of facts like these that its name means "invincible" or "unalterable" and that is why it is one of the most precious minerals in the world.

With respect to the reality that accompanies it, the diamond has always been identified with aspects such as wealth, resistance, exclusivity or refinement. In addition, this exclusive gemstone is known to be a symbol of commitment, fidelity and bonding.

It is also considered the bearer of wealth and abundance and, on a spiritual level, it is considered a stone of high vibration since it activates the seventh chakra.

Some other properties of the diamond are that it favors the cleansing of the aura, the connection with the divine light and the spiritual evolution, being considered an energy amplifier, providing courage, tenacity, balance and creativity.

2. Ruby

Being this gemstone so well known for its stunning color, its name could not be for less. Coming from the Latin word "ruber", its name means red and the importance of color is such that the value of the gemstone depends largely on how intense and uniform this color is.

Mainly, rubies are related to aspects of success and self-confidence, positivism and intuition. In ancient times, it was believed to have healing and protective powers. It has also come to symbolize aspects of passion and love, as well as the heart.

It is considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, associated with wealth and royalty which makes it a stone that has nothing to envy from the rest.

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3. Esmeralda

Emerald is a gemstone that belongs to the beryl family. The name of this very special green precious stone comes from the Greek word "smaragdos", a word that can mean nothing else than "green stone" .

It is commonly known for its intense green color, which is a consequence of the presence of chromium and vanadium in its chemical composition.

In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that the emerald represented life, fertility and regeneration. The Romans, on the other hand, considered it a symbol of love and prosperity. In Christianity, on the other hand, the emerald was associated with hope and spiritual renewal.

In the same way, emerald is known for some of its healing and spiritual properties through which, it allows to balance emotions, improve memory and increase creativity. Likewise, it also helps with headaches and digestive disorders.

This implies, therefore, that the emerald's name and meaning are closely related to its beauty and rarity, as well as its long history of use in culture and traditional medicine, making it a spectacular gemstone, tremendously valued for its power and beauty.

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4. Citrine

Belonging to the quartz family, its name derives from the Latin word "citrus", which means lemon, in reference to the bright, fresh and golden yellow color that characterizes the stone and reminds of this citrus fruit.

This beautiful stone is most often associated with solar energy and vitality and is known to have certain healing and protective properties. In addition, it is attributed with benefits for the mind and body, such as increased optimism and other aspects such as creativity and self-confidence.

In ancient times, it was used as an amulet to attract prosperity and wealth. In addition, it was also considered a stone of wisdom and was used in healing rituals.

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5. Sapphire

Lapis lazuli, also known as sapphire, is one of the four most coveted gemstones on the planet. Because, in its case, we are talking about one of the most durable minerals that exist, with a hard texture and ready, although some consider it silky.

The name of this stunning gemstone comes from the word "Sappheiros" which meant blue stone. However, there are those who believe that the true origin of its name comes from the Hebrew word Sappir which refers to the most beautiful or precious stone.

In terms of meaning, this amazing gemstone could not mean less. It is a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, fidelity and truth in human relationships, which is why it is often used as a stone to embellish engagement rings. Likewise, sapphire has also been understood as a source of peace, wisdom and joy.

However, history also precedes this incredible significance because, in ancient times, this stone was related to protection from evil spirits, as well as protection for travelers and seekers.

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6. Amethyst

If that beautiful purple stone comes to mind, we will surely be thinking of the Amethyst gemstone. However, it is not only the color that makes this stone one of the most famous in existence, as its name comes from the ancient Greek, "Amethysos", which meant "sober" .

But where does the reason lie for a stone with such a special color to be considered sober? The truth is that in ancient Greece, this famous purple stone was considered a perfect remedy for drunkenness, a property that inevitably gave rise to its famous name.

Regarding its meaning, it is known as the stone of protection, dreams and love. In addition, it is understood that it is a natural tranquilizer that blocks all the negative energies that surround us, helps to free your thoughts and helps the assimilation of new ideas and feelings. In addition, Amethyst provides that contribution of emotional serenity, common sense, motivation and memory power .

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