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What is the meaning of the solitaire ring?

Surely you had never thought that in the jewelry sector there are words that in the context in which they are used have a different meaning than the common one. This is the case of the solitaire ring, for example, a type of ring that we tell you all about today.

Solitaire ring or "solitaire" brilliant ring? Find out the real meaning of Solitaire ring. 

Timeless and sophisticated. Rings are one of the favorite accessories for women, but also for men, as they are the perfect and infallible gift to give to a woman. Today we tell you more about this type of ring, capable of elevating any look to a higher level.

Its unique composition gives it a sublime beauty that makes it the center of attention.


1. What is the solitaire ring

An essential term that you should know is that in jewelry is called solitaire to the way in which a brilliant is set. Actually, any piece of jewelry set with a single stone is a solitaire, which does not imply that this jewelry is a ring, it can be a necklace, a bracelet, etc. However, there is one piece in jewelry that is most often linked to this type of setting: the ring. A solitaire ring is a type of engagement ring that responds to a certain design and shape, composed of a ring, in the vast majority of cases, made of gold and a precious stone placed in the center. 

2. Origin of the solitaire ring

Its origin dates back to 1477 by the hand of Mary of Burgundy. Her fiancé, Maximilian I of Austria King of Romans, Holy Roman Emperor and a man very much in love, was the first to give an engagement ring with a solitaire diamond to his future wife. Years later this design became popular and today it has become the best known symbol of engagement.


3. Types of solitaire rings

The larger the brilliant, the more claws are necessary, this is what defines the type of solitaire ring.

-The solitaire with brilliant set with six claws: it is the most common, of considerable size.

-The solitaire set with four claws: this is a smaller stone than the previous one and can be worn daily.

-The princess cut: this is a type of jewelry that is becoming more and more fashionable and is characterized by its square shape.

Turquoise Mystere Ring

-The halo ring: this is a design in which the setting is composed of a central diamond surrounded by smaller round diamonds. The brilliance of all the diamonds together creates the illusion of a large diamond. 

-With additional diamonds: experts say that by adding diamonds, the ring increases its brilliance. In this way, the center piece will look bigger and the ring will have a luxurious appearance. 



What did you find most curious about solitaires? Now you know the types and you would know how to differentiate them if necessary. If you want to know more about the world of jewelry, enter the The Lavazine.   


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