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Matching colors for green

This season, green is in fashion. If you already have several garments in this color and you still don't know what goes with green, you're in the right place. We will show you everything you need to be elegant and well combined.


How to combine the color green


When it comes to green, the best thing to do is to take a risk: dust off all those green garments you have in the back of your closet! Here are the colors that green goes best with.



1. What does green represent?

First of all, green is associated with birth, life, strength and energy. The idea of youth is present in this color as it is linked to spring, fertility and growth. Another element related to growth is that it is a symbol of wealth. This precious color is also associated with healing, healing and freshness. Of course, as everyone knows, it is the color of hope, optimism and good luck. Finally, it is one of the colors most associated with balance, serenity, calm and spirituality.


2. What colors go with green



White is one of the easiest colors to wear and combine with others since it goes with everything. It is simply a sure hit. If you are going to wear green clothes for a special event, like a dress, we recommend the Maldives, which will also look great if you have reddish hair. Other white earrings that make a good combination with green are the Lavani Rainbow, perfect for an evening look. On the other hand, if your look is more casual, the Kasia White Silver are an ideal choice, as well as the Orchid Silver.



Green and black go great together. From pastels to more vibrant shades, black is a neutral shade that looks great with everything. If you're a fan of this color, you're in luck because we have matching earrings like the Idol and the Lavani Circle. Both will look perfect for both day and night.



Gray, like black and white, is another neutral color that makes an infallible mix with green. At Lavani, we have a wide variety of gray jewelry. Elegant, sophisticated, minimalist and for all tastes. Large earrings like the Gray, Gray or the Thar Gray. Or small ones like the , Climbing or the Maui. Any choice adapted to your style will favor you with the combination of green.


Yellow or gold

Of course, gold always makes a good combination with green, it is its neighbor color. The yellowLia Lia Yellow have a 22K gold plating and are perfect for everyday wear. We also propose you the HoopstitleYellow title Hoops Eclectic Shine Small Yellow, which are a bit simpler but just as beautiful.



Pink combined with green is a more risky mix but no less beautiful. For an evening celebration, we offer you our Daphne Fuchsia Earrings and the Fuchsia are one of our favorites! As well as the Fuchsia, which are gorgeous. If you want some more discreet ones, we bring you the Climbing, the Shine Small Fuchsia or the Orchid. It's all up to you!



Finally, combining lilac and green has always been a good idea. They are two secondary colors that go very well together. Again, one of our favorites are the Aros Paramount Purple. The Tikal ho op titleearringstitle with their geometric design are also perfect. If you have more holes in your ear, we offer the Mindy Purple.


Now that you know what colors go with green, take our tips into account and choose those perfect earrings you love so much.


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