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Gemini: What jewels are for you?

Everything that surrounds the universe and its stones is something that fascinates us at LAVANI, that's why with the zodiac collection we got involved and discovered the traits of each sign to reflect it in each piece.

Do you want to know the Gemini universe? Find out what this air sign and its stones are like! 

Gemini header background

Today in Lavani, where Gemini is the protagonist this month, we tell you everything you need to know to understand this unique sign. From their passionate side to their creative and energetic spirit.

Read on and find out all about Gemini and its stones!

1. What Gemini is like: Gemini's Personality

 New adventures? Don't hesitate, Gemini will always accept and sign up for any new plan you propose. 

This sign, known for its dual and sociable personality, is always looking for new adventures and experiences. Geminis are very fun-loving and restless people, with great enthusiasm for starting new projects, although they often lack the consistency to keep them going. They love to enjoy a good conversation, especially when they can share their thoughts and opinions with others.

Geminis give off a positive energy that attracts many around them and they are full of passion, which makes them very interesting. Their intelligence is another of their most distinctive traits, as they are always looking to learn something new. 

But this duality that characterizes them makes them very indecisive and changeable people, as they have very different perspectives and opinions.

In love, Gemini women do not like to feel trapped in a relationship, so it is important that their partners give them the freedom and space they need. That need for freedom we were talking about can be a drawback to maintain lasting relationships, as they are always looking for new experiences.


2. Gemini zodiacal stone

The zodiacal stones of this sign are moonstone, emerald, aquamarine and agate. Birthstones bring you a connection and properties linked to your sign according to the month in which you were born.

If you are a Gemini born in May, emerald is your birthstone. This green-toned stone provides heart-based energies, so, if you are a May Gemini, jewelry made of this stone will fill you with kindness and unconditional love. In addition, emerald will bring you focus and perseverance in your work, something that Geminis look for.

Emerald stone

But if you were born in June, your stone will be the moonstone. With this gemstone, Geminis will achieve emotional and spiritual balance, as well as enhance their maturity. The moonstone has also been considered a talisman since ancient times. It represents natural beauty and innocence. It is a gemstone very easy to combine because of its elegance and its whitish colors. In addition, one of its characteristics that makes it very special is how a rainbow is formed when this stone is exposed by the sun's rays.

Gem moonstone

3. Gemini constellation

The constellation Gemini is the third constellation of the zodiac, it is located in the northern hemisphere and can be seen during the summer and autumn months.

Its representation are two twins, considered the sons of Zeus and are united by a line that represents the link between the two. It also contains several bright stars, nebulae and galaxies.

It is one of the oldest constellations and its brightest stars are Pollux and Castor, the twins they represent.

Gemini constellation

4. Gemini Zodiac sign

If you were born between May 21 and June 20, this is your sign. This zodiac sign has air as its element and is represented by twins, due to the duality that characterizes them. Its ruling planet is Mercury and this represents the intellect and the communicativeness of this sign.


5. Jewelry for the Gemini horoscope

Gemini personality traits are reflected in the Zodiac Collection, through the different combinations with constellations, symbols and coins. Discover jewelry such as the Gemini Birthstone Chain or the Gemini Zodiac Triple Necklace


6. Jewelry that goes with the Gemini personality

If you are Gemini, you have a very creative and adventurous personality, so why not reflect that with your jewelry?

Some original earrings that will reflect that spirit full of passion are the Garnet Mercury Earrings inspired by the universe. Also, the Clemence Earrings will give a different touch to your looks, you will be the perfect guest for any event!

If you are in a moment of change and need energies that balance you, pendants like the Teguise Moonstone Necklace or the Moonstone Pendant will bring you that calm and will give you a simple and elegant touch.

But if you're looking for rings that reflect that bold, energetic Gemini side, uniquely designed jewelry like The Sacred Ring or The Alchemist's Ring are perfect for you.

Enter Lavani and find out which jewelry you identify with best!



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