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Wedding earrings 2023 for that special day

While trends can be of great help when we are looking for ideas about the perfect earrings, there is something that, in that choice, we should always keep in mind. And, the truth is that it has a lot to do with the idea that, despite being a day so different from the rest, how you truly are and how comfortable you feel should always come first.

Discover your perfect wedding earrings!

Trendy bridal earrings 2023

In other words, if you never paint your nails light, paint them dark; if you never wear your hair up, wear it in a half updo or loose! And if you never wear big earrings, wear them small! Because being that day that version of you so emotional and sincere, there is nothing better than wearing beautiful earrings that are and always remain true to her.

1. Small bridal earrings

If you are one of those who feel comfortable with light and simple pieces, this section is for you. We can't deny that one of the latest trends in bridal earrings are those attached to the ear. Small earrings that give some shine to your face, but without being too flashy or extravagant.

We recommend that, being small earrings what you are looking for, try that they have stones set or special shapes that make them even more special. For this, alternatives such as our Cinema earringsearrings, or the Karma (the latter case, if you want something that, within the simple, is a little bigger), will be the best options to give life to your wedding dress!

If these alternatives are still too big compared to what you had in mind, you can always choose to wear alternatives such as our Mindy White Piercing or our White eclectic Shine earrings. Simple jewelry, decorated with natural zirconia and 22k gold plated with which you will look more you and more beautiful than ever.

2. Climbing bridal earrings

For those who are a little more daring and don't just want a small earring that adds some shine, but something more transgressive and eye-catching, but without being a long and heavy earring, your perfect earrings are the climbing earrings!

With them, you will get that touch of originality, style and essence that brings a piece as special as this. Earrings that go beyond the shapes that, for many years, it was thought that earrings should have. A new and elegant structure that, decorated with incredible natural stones such as Moonstone, will give you that perfect shine and style.

Some of the alternatives available among our Bridal Collection are the earrings Siva climbing earrings o Padma. If, on the other hand, what you are looking for are climbing earrings, but with some color, without a doubt, your piece is the Aine climbing earrings which, plated in 22k gold and embellished with white quartz, aquamarine chalcedony and moonstone, will give you that perfect color on your wedding day.

3. Long bridal earrings

If what you really like are long earrings, with movement, fall and very elegant, you are one of us, because we love them too!

Alternatives like these will be the perfect options when you have opted for high and formal updos that allow you to see your beautiful earrings while styling them at the same time. For this, it is best to choose long earrings with enough verticality, which are divided into two parts (the lobe and the dangling part).

Some of the options we would recommend are our Thelma earrings. Thelma earrings gold plated earrings decorated with Moonstone or our Mystere Mystere dangle hoop earrings embellished with white Quartz. Both options are amazing, light weight and have a movement that will make anyone's eyes glaze over!

If you are looking for long but colorful earrings, we strongly recommend options such as our Daphne earrings earrings or our Portobello earrings whose natural stones such as Quartz or Chalcedony will be the perfect complement for any wedding, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter!

4. Pearl bridal earrings

On such a special day, pearls could not be missing. Being a material that never goes out of fashion and perfect to complement any wedding dress, whatever shape you choose, it will surely be a hit! Besides, being a stone with a soft texture and such a natural beauty, they are the most timeless option of all!

The type of pearl earrings can be simple or elaborate or with more extravagant or discreet designs, but they will always be one of the most sophisticated options.

Some of our Bridal Collection's most successful options for brides who like jewelry are our The Justice earrings earrings or our Adoration earringsearrings, decorated with pearls and Moonstone, will be a safe bet!

5. Original bridal earrings

Finally, if none of the alternatives we have given you so far have convinced you and what you are really looking for is a more special earring that symbolizes that day, we offer you some of our options that can better adapt to what you are looking for.

In case you are looking for the most originality and exclusivity, our Tourist earrings will certainly be the best choice! The Tourist earrings full of shapes, color and a lot of personality, will be the most suitable option!

On the other hand, if you are looking for special earrings, but not too exaggerated, alternatives such as our Rivoli earrings Rivoli earrings or our Twiggy earringsearrings, will be a sure hit!

Visit our website at https://lavanijewels.com and discover the earrings that best suit you on that special day!


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