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How to wrap gifts in an original way. 

If we take into account the fact that, sometimes, getting that personalized touch to material gifts is complicated, coupled with the fact that there are more and more occasions in which we give gifts and that, therefore, reinventing ourselves is not an easy task, it seems that sometimes finding that special way to wrap your gift can be a real headache.

Discover how to wrap your gifts in an original way!

Original gift wrapping

Whatever the type of person you are or the details you like to include in your gifts, today we want to offer you multiple alternatives with which to decorate your gift wrapping! Enter our blog and discover them!

1. Use special papers

While jewelry can be gifts that, when well thought out and chosen, can be a true reflection of the person to whom it is given, using paper or wrapping that, in the same way, reflects that personality, can be an added point that turns your jewelry gift into the perfect gift .

While there are many types of paper you can use to wrap your gift with love and style, here are some of the options we would choose.

First of all, alternatives such as tissue paper or textured gift wrapping paper to give that elegant and sophisticated touch to the wrapping can be a cheap, simple and very aesthetic alternative. If, on the other hand, tissue paper is not enough for you, there are incredible gift wrapping papers for jewelry with shiny or metallic finishes that allow you to give that elegant and luxurious touch to your great gift.

In case aesthetics is not the most important thing and you are more interested in capturing the essence of the person receiving the gift, alternatives such as wrapping paper with special colors or designs, as well as paper with special messages can be the most beautiful and personal options to transmit all the love and affection with which you are giving the gift.

Finally, if you want to stay true to the world of jewelry, there are wrapping papers with selected designs or images typical of this sector, such as gold chains or diamonds, so if you like jewelry, you're sure to get it right!

2. Uses elements from nature.

If the person to whom you are going to address that special jewel is a lover of nature and the earth, no doubt, this is your section because, in those cases, including elements of nature in the wrapping of your beautiful gift will give that personalized and natural touch perfect for your family member or friend!

Some options to decorate your wrapping paper are, for example, the use of dry leaves or branches to give that special touch to your wrapping. If, on the other hand, you are looking for naturalness and color,flowers will be your best ally. In this case, make sure that the flowers are far away from the jewel to avoid any kind of damage to it. You can also use hemp or cotton ribbons or threads to complete your perfect gift jewelry!

Original wrappings with elements of nature

In case none of these alternatives has convinced you, you can always wrap your gift with recycled materials much more respectful with the environment, as well as complete them with details that you have made yourself as gift bracelets or macramé gift necklaces.

3. Make a matryoshka out of boxes.

Since matryoshkas are so special and so much fun, the possibility of making a matryoshka gift seems to us a perfect alternative with which to surprise the recipient of your gift jewelry!

In addition, in case the piece of jewelry we are giving as a gift is a ring, since the wrapping is very small, it is easier since it allows us to make a very long chain of wrappings until we get the desired size. To do this, what you will have to do is to place the ring in a small box and wrap it. In turn, wrap this gift in another wrapped box and so on until you get the perfect matryoshka gift!

To make it more original, you can add personalized details to each wrapped box by making each part of the gift different, using dedicated cards, etc.

4. Paste special photos.

Since a picture says more than a thousand words, we have always been loyal advocates of using this type of wrapping for some of our most special gifts .

So, how to do it? Well, what you must do first is to select the photos that you are going to include in the wrapping of your jewel gift. Depending on the hobbies, tastes and the person you are going to give, some alternatives will be better than others.

For example, if you are going to give your gift earrings to a person who loves the sea, travel and adventures, you can try to find photos of him/her in this type of scenarios and remind him/her what makes him/her so special. Another alternative is to decorate the box with the moments you have lived with that person remembering all the love and affection he/she has given you.

Options like these, accompanied by a nice note in which you dedicate this special gift to the person you are giving it to, will be details that will turn your gift and the way you wrap it into the perfect detail.

5. Turn the wrapper into a quiz or riddle.

Last but not least, if the person you are gifting is a fan of riddles, quizzes and challenges, you will love this option!

What you can do in the latter case is to turn your gift wrapping into the key to access it. In other words, present your person with the wrapping as a challenge! Include riddles, crossword puzzles, word searches... Give free rein to your creativity and make the simple act of opening it become one of the most special parts of the gift! We are sure that, with this kind of details, you will succeed for sure!

Original crossword puzzle gift wrapping

In case you already have a clear idea of how to wrap the gift but not the gift, we leave you in this other post the 10 tips to find the perfect gift!


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