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How to know what colors of clothes suit me

We all know that there are colors with which we look more flattering, and this has an explanation: colorimetry. Thanks to colorimetry we can discover which clothing colors enhance our beauty according to our skin tone.

What colors should not be missing in my closet to look my best?

Do you want to know which colors are made for you? Discover your colorimetry and make the most of your beauty by playing with the colors of the clothes that suit you best.

1. What is colorimetry?

Colorimetry is the detection of the colors that favor us naturally, those colors that near the face give us an illumination that brings us brightness, vitality and harmony. Colorimetry measures our skin tone, eyes, eyebrows and hair, to find that color palette that highlights our natural beauty.

Thanks to colorimetry we find those colors that are able to illuminate our face, conceal imperfections such as dark circles or blemishes, and above all that harmonize our image so that our beauty is the protagonist in our looks.

2. How to know your colorimetry

But what is my colorimetry? Discover the color palette that suits you best, starting with the tone: cool or warm?

If your skin tone is cold, the color palettes that best suit us are winter and summer, on the contrary, if your skin tone is warm, you will succeed with a palette of spring or autumn colors... Let's see which one is yours!


Winter Girls usually have a very light skin tone contrasted with dark hair and very dark or very light eyes.

They favor dark, intense colors, with strength and personality. These can be bright colors in bluish, pink and silver shades such as valentine red, emerald green, fuchsia, electric blue...

As for accessories, the ones that bring the most light and harmony to the face are jewelry in matte, shiny and dark silver, white gold and aged yellow.

We have opted for , the Rania earrings, small hoop earrings with a navy blue stone!

what colors suit me winter


Summer Girls are characterized by light hair, light or light brown eyes, and a pinkish skin tone.

They favor rather light, soft, watery and calm colors such as baby pink, pastel pink, mint green, light green, lavender, light raspberry tone, pale blue, grayish blue...

To complement the look, accessories can be in light silver, matte and shiny, white and rose gold.

what colors suit me summer


Spring Girls tend to have an ivory or peach skin tone, and do not present much contrast with their eyebrows, hair and eyes.

They should go for light and vibrant colors, with strength and vitality, these are light to medium colors such as green, salmon, warm yellow, coral, turquoise, pink, peach, salmon, coral, navy blue, lilac and warm red.

Jewelry in yellow, matte and shiny gold, old gold and bronze are the icing on the cake of your looks. Our Sauvage are ideal for spring girls!

what colors suit me spring


And finally, the Autumn Girls, who stand out for their strong features, eyes, hair and eyebrows in shades of brown, chestnut or golden blonde.

Undoubtedly, its star colors are gold, olive green, peach, khaki, earth tones such as beige, dark browns...

The perfect complement is yellow gold jewelry in all its shades, matte and shiny, bronze, copper, rose gold and old gold. Have you seen how much light our Grinko give to autumn skins?

what colors suit me for autumn

3. How to know what color clothes suit me

Now that you know your colorimetry... What are you waiting for to start playing with the color palette that suits you best?

The combinations are endless, you can combine colors from your palette on top with neutral colors in the rest of the look, or dress in neutral tones and give it a touch of light with accessories in your color palette, such as a handbag, a scarf, rings or necklaces.

You may be wondering, what if I love a color that doesn't appear in my palette? Don't worry, don't erase it from your life. You can simply wear it on the garments underneath, or place a scarf, scarf or jewelry from your palette near your face to compensate.

Find on our website earrings and titlenecklacescolored necklacestitle in your color to make the most of it!



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