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How to heal an ear piercing

One of the latest trends of these years is, without a doubt, ear piercings. There are many of us who pierce a second hole in our ear without thinking much about it, but the reality is that it is a very meticulous process that if not done properly can bring us many problems.

How to clean an infected earring or a second or third hole ear piercing.

That is why today we bring you some recommendations so that your ear piercing does not get infected, and in case it continues to get infected, some simple steps to cure an ear piercing.

Cure second hole in the ear


Discover a simple way on how to cure a second or third hole ear piercing.

1. How to get a piercing done correctly

For ear piercings, from LAVANI, we always recommend to go to a professional.

There are many who use a piercing gun to get a second or third hole, or even a piercing in the tendon part of the ear, and although many get it right there is a high probability that it will go wrong, because in the ear there are many nerves that can be pinched causing infections and other types of complications.

For this reason, we recommend you to go to a professional who will do a needle piercing, having much more precision in the piercing. Sometimes cheap is expensive! 

Ear piercing


2. How to disinfect a piercing

If your piercing has become infected, we bring you some tips that will help reduce the swelling and pain quickly. How to cure an infected piercing:

For this you need to have saline solution, piercing crystalmin or chlorhexidine drops to cure the piercing. All these products are very easy to obtain and are reasonably priced. Ideally, you should apply it 2 or 3 times a day on your ear.

Another way to cure it is to use soap and water 2 or 3 times a day. In fact, all professionals recommend after piercing to clean the ear with soap and water every day to disinfect the wound.

These are two very easy and effective ways to cure your piercing. 

Easy way to cure an ear piercing


3. Recommendations after piercing

Other recommendations after getting a piercing are:

  • Move your piercing so that the skin does not scar and catch on the earring itself.
  • ALWAYS wear a medicated earring for at least the first month.
  • Take more intense care for a helix piercing.
  • Do not get two piercings at the same time, in the same ear.
  • After removing the medicinal earring, allergenic

Earrings for after medical earrings


4. When to go to the doctor for a piercing

Keep in mind that there are some cases, in which we must go to the doctor if we have very painful symptoms after getting a piercing.

We must go to the doctor after getting a piercing if a ball of pus forms in the ear as it must be cleaned properly.

Also, in case of swollen glands and, above all, in case of fever, since all these would be signs of an ear infection that could become dangerous.

First, second and third ear piercing cured  

You've probably realized that getting a piercing is a complicated and delicate process, but you can always come here for the most typical thing in the world, getting your piercing infected. Thanks to the tips we have given you at LAVANI, you can now easily disinfect your piercing and see progress in no time.


In LAVANI, we have a collection of ear piercing of very high quality materials, that is why, after the change of medical piercing to a normal piercing we always recommend you to choose carefully your future piercing.


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